How to Heal a Struggling Relationship with Your Spouse

A weekend of binging rom-coms can have you feeling like relationships are perfect, easy to carry, and even easier to execute. You start believing in flawless love, a happily-ever-after, and the ideal life. However, the reality is very different from that. Every relationship has its ups and downs – it depends on the people in a relationship as to how they choose to handle these problems. 

Most fights in relationships are messy, difficult to get by, and super uncomfortable. These fights and challenges can make you feel like you no longer want to work on the person and the relationship. 

In all the pretentious imagery that Hollywood rom-coms put out in the world, they aren’t lying about the power of true love. Despite feeling lost, tired, and like they want to give up, most people will keep going only because of love. There are several ways to mend a struggling relationship: here are some of the top ways to consider. 

Start Attentively Listening 

You should start assessing what went wrong when you find yourself in a relationship bind. Most people stop communicating after too much time together, hoping the other person will automatically understand.  

When you find that you have too many arguments and there are no solutions, stop for a moment and start listening to each other more attentively. Hear each other’s complaints and problems, and try to work them out together! 

Understand Their Pain 

Empathy will take you a long way: most people forget to put themselves in the other person’s shoes in a relationship. While one spouse may complain about not having enough time together, the other one might be busy with something important at work. 

Once you start openly communicating, you’ll see how easily you can understand each other’s problems and sort them out with each other. 

Take Actions to Show Change 

We make a lot of promises during a fight, but we need to remember to follow through. Several relationships become further strained because of how a promise wasn’t met. During a fight, if your partner highlights some of your problematic behavior, try to change it instead of just promising you will. 

Give yourself time, and work on your toxic traits. Take a few actions to show them that you want to make things better. 

Express Unconditional Love 

Have you ever felt that your spouse has stopped loving you and that you aren’t enough for them? Even the strongest relationships can be clouded with self-doubt and self-consciousness. Your partner may feel like they aren’t enough for you anymore: this could be due to some changes in their physical appearance over the years or just generally due to the lack of your involvement. 

Even though sometimes it gets super hard to prove that you are invested in a relationship, you must go the extra mile to protect who you love. Plan a romantic dinner, go for a small drive around the neighborhood late at night, or just bring them flowers to show that you still love them with all your heart. 

Take Responsibility for Your Actions 

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No person is perfect on their own: people can make mistakes and ruin things they deeply care about. Most people find themselves unable to accept their faults and apologize on time. When you find yourself at fault in a relationship, never be afraid to step up, and take responsibility. Taking responsibility can help you come to terms with the conflict at hand. 

Once you apologize for your mistakes and voice out your own struggle, it gives your spouse a chance to understand you with more empathy than before. 

Seek Professional Help 

Have you tried everything we suggested and still seem to be struggling with mending your relationship? We can understand. Sometimes, the problems are too deep-rooted for you to solve on your own. Most people require a little external help to resolve age-old conflicts between you two. 

You can ask a loved one to help you power through or find some professional couple’s therapy to help you get a better understanding of each other’s struggles and the problems within your relationship. 

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