Open The Heart Through Writing

« Open the heart », «Open the heart». It sounds very nice. We all want to open our hearts; I’m not telling you … But it’s not that easy, is not it? How many times have you opened your heart and had it broken with a hammer? How dare you open it like that, at the first opportunity? I admit it: I am generally quite “armored.”

“Heart”, which would be the great house of courage. A “shell” is what we sometimes cover our hearts with so as not to suffer.

It is curious that the etymology of the word “cuirass” is totally different from that of the word “heart”. “Heart” comes from the Latin cor-cordis, and is related to terms such as “credit”, “memory” or ” courage”. It is also speculated that “heart” comes from an augmentative, from the suffix -on added to the original root, and this would be due to the popular tendency to consider the heart as the place where generosity, courage, etc. reside. That is, just as we would say “truck” or “house”, we say “heart”, which would be the big house of courage. Isn’t it beautiful? Although this is just a speculation by the Spanish master of etymology Joan Coro Minas, I prefer it, because of the poetry it contains. Furthermore, Coro Minas also has a ” core ” in his last name. It can’t be a coincidence, right?

For its part, the word “cuirass” seems to come from the Latin coriaceous, that is, from “leather”, referring to a coating or protection, also used to indicate the hard shell of a fruit, for example.

I’m going to keep that hard shell of fruit because it serves me perfectly for what I want to say: a shell (a hard shell) is what we sometimes cover our hearts with (which is like the delicate interior of a fruit). so as not to suffer.

Get Familiar with the Shell

Well, to open your heart there is no choice but to approach it carefully. You cannot try, in any case, to open the shell of the heart by force. That’s impossible. As soon as the heart sees you coming with the battle axe, what do you think it will do? Logically, it protects itself more so that you don’t access it, so that you don’t pupate it.

The Tools: Writing and Meditation

Writing and meditation are disciplines that will allow us to see our shell more clearly and relate to it in a non-aggressive way.

And what is our armor made of? Well, of concepts, beliefs, mental constructs, opinions, judgments, fears… When you hear this, I’m sure the first thing you thought was that the openness of the heart is not there, but somewhere else, at the other extreme, in fact. That is our tendency: we always want to look for happiness or goodness elsewhere, and we relate to what we consider bad with rejection. And that’s exactly what gets us into trouble. That’s fair to try to relate to the cuirass with the war ax in hand.

This is where tools like writing and meditation come in, in my opinion. Both are disciplines that will allow us to see our armor more clearly and relate to it in a non-aggressive way. And that is what will means that, little by little, we can open our hearts.

Open the Heart Through Writing

One very good thing about both tools, writing, and meditation, is that they are very organic. They will never take you further than you can go. But, at the same time, if you follow the guidelines, they will always take you a little further than where you were. It’s like entering a very dark cave with a flashlight and gradually increasing the beam of the flashlight.

Since you relate to what is without struggle, it allows you to see a little further. The field of consciousness thus becomes broader and broader. Crafting captivating and imaginative stories for young readers requires a special skill set, and that’s where our memoir ghostwriters shine. And that is no different from opening your heart. The expansion of consciousness is the opening of the heart. Or let’s say they are two facets of the same thing: when we open our hearts we become more aware, and when we become more aware we are more capable of opening our hearts.

To Truly Free Yourself Through Writing

It’s about overcoming that first resistance to connecting with yourself, with your emotions, with your conflicts, with the shell, with the shell, with whatever happens to you.

I’m going to give you a personal example. I recently wrote a chapter of Something Tiny You Can’t Ignore. A story of love and cancer (where I tell my experience with breast cancer). I had to narrate the period in which I was undergoing radiotherapy. You can imagine that I had no desire to relive that again. It was shit. It was summer, it was incredibly hot, they were frying my chest with radiation every day, and on top of that the person I loved, who had abandoned me when I had been diagnosed with cancer, was harassing me with guilty messages.

Well, I’m not a masochist: The affordable Book Marketing Services here visit us: But it must also be said that I sweat bullets. I even get diarrhea when I start writing. Because I know I have to connect.  Connect first with my resistance to connect, and then little by little with the shell, and then with my raw heart. What did I connect with?

So, once you manage to stay in touch with what you feel while you write, the miracle will begin to work, because your words will be in direct connection with your heart, mind and heart will remain united (not dissociated), and the discourse will be something alive, pulsating, so that the act of transmission can occur with the reader. That’s the way, just, to unlock art.

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