Features of a good diamond engagement ring

diamond engagement ring

A diamond engagement ring includes one of the most personal and essential pieces of jewelry a woman will ever own. It symbolizes her love, commitment, and eternal union with her intended.

With so much thought going into the decision to purchase an engagement ring, it is worth it to invest some time into researching what makes a good diamond ring. This post provides the features of a good diamond engagement ring:


A good engagement ring fits well with the recipient! Choose a ring size that both fit the shape and size of your special someone’s fingers and her style. The best place to start is with her favorite jewelry size, or if you can’t find that information, 7.5 is a standard ring sizing for many women.


You will want to choose a ring that has stood the test of time – but also one that will last for at least the next few years! A timeless engagement ring will be elegant enough for future occasions and years to come; it should be able to transition from an engagement ring into a beautiful piece of jewelry in its own right.

Minimal Flaws

One expects perfection from a diamond, as it is quite a pricey gem. Because of this, not too many flaws are acceptable when choosing a diamond for an engagement ring. The fewer the flaws, the better.

A few minor imperfections are acceptable, but anything else is unacceptable. For instance, when looking for diamond ring in Singapore, you should make sure to buy from a reputable jeweler willing to show you documentation of the diamond’s quality.


You can choose from shades of white or yellowish-white diamonds depending on your preference, but other colors such as pink or gray may not be appropriate as they do not provide an outstanding sparkle as white/yellow diamonds do. For those interested in other colors, you can authentically set these diamonds in platinum, white gold, or yellow gold.



A diamond’s cut is one of the many factors affecting its appearance, brilliance, and price. The cut grade is determined by the amount of time and money that has gone into polishing and cutting the diamond, based on the proportions of a perfect diamond.

The cut also determines how well a diamond will sparkle. An expertly-cut stone will produce a brilliant sparkle from across the room. Depending on its inclusions, a poorly-cut diamond could have a dull appearance or look milky.

The cut can vary from round brilliant, emerald cut, princess cut, etc. Loosely speaking, the round brilliant has a more rounded appearance while princess cuts display a more contoured facet. Each can be found in many carat weights and comes at different prices.

Carat weight

If you are looking for a high-quality diamond ring, your budget cannot be compromised to fit the ring’s actual worth. Diamonds with a greater carat weight have a higher value. Remember that even with lower carat weight, you can get beautiful diamond rings in small sizes that can still convince the recipient of your true love and commitment.

Before you set your heart on buying the perfect engagement ring, it is worth knowing exactly what to look for. Sure, all diamonds are cut the same way, so what one person may be thrilled with, another may not like. However, even with this in mind, the above features will help you decide whether or not a diamond is worth buying for your partner.

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