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Super Gem combines Tetris with traditional match-3 games in a novel way. To construct groups of three or more and score enormous points, you drop gems on top of one another. As a result, you will be challenged in ways not present in other games by the gameplay, unlike any other match-3 game. 


You’ll need to think swiftly and respond appropriately to win this game. However, this is an excellent essential match 3 experience because of the sharp graphics and good music choices.


Understanding Super Gems Gameplay

In Super Gem, you may dive right into the action. You have a Tetris-style grid or box with some gems already set up. There is a horizontal line above that where new gems will grow. The gems can be moved along this line and dropped in any grid column you like. 


Your objective is to keep the grid from filling up thoroughly before the level’s allotted number of gems runs out. By using the gems to make matches, you must accomplish this. Gems can only be matched when they are next to one other and in groups of three or more.

Fresh gems that bloom during levels ultimately fall by themselves, which makes it more challenging. This calls for rapid positioning and dropping to avoid having them land in an undesirable location. The game is over if you cannot drop gems because the grid is full.


The difficulty increases as you play.

While the grid’s dimensions or layout remain the same, the challenge rises as you deal with more and more gems, faster-falling gems on their own, additional gem types, and more coal as you advance through the levels. Regular matches cannot match coal; stones must be piled on top of the coal to smash it into diamonds. The coal can then be compared once it has transformed into a diamond.



The fact that there aren’t many differences between levels is a drawback. While it’s not very rare for these games, Match 3 fans might not mind, while others might find it boring. Unfortunately, no alternatives exist to change the difficulty, either. For example, to offer less experienced players more time to react or make plays more manageable. Difficulty levels or other game types may have been added.


Simple to Learn

It’s easy to get a grasp of Super Gem controls and gameplay. If you read more of the game’s instructions, you will have all the information you’ll need to get going. The mouse is used for all actions, so all you have to do to play is move it to place gems and click it once to drop them.


Simple and Clear Graphics

This game’s presentation is excellent. All of the graphics are vivid and extremely sharp. Each gem has its own set of colors and features. While you race to drop and match jewels, you can enjoy some pleasant music. They are an excellent addition to the straightforward and captivating match-3 game.


Gameplay for Super Gems

To start a game, choose your wager amount. To select your preferred bet, use the +/- arrows next to Select Bet on the right side, then click the PLAY button.

The gaming board is filled with tiles. The words “Free Go” or “gems” are printed on the tiles. You are awarded when there are five or more gems of the same color together in a cluster. Gem clusters are automatically collected, taken off the board, and replaced with new tiles. 


The round is over when the board is full, but there are no clusters.

Gem tiles have five different colors: yellow, green, pink, purple, red, and pink.

A multiplier of your bet is the reward for obtaining a cluster. The size of the multiple depends on the quantity and color of stones in the group. Here are some of the combinations’ multiples.


How to play the bonus mini-games


Bonus Mini games

Additional mini-games are launched as soon as you collect six distinct colors in the bonus game area. Next, two question marks are placed on the game board, and you must select one. What the question mark shows will determine what occurs next.


Bonus Card Mini-Game:

One of two cards appears when the question mark you select exposes the Card Bonus mini-game. You succeed if you choose a card that has a reward. Choosing a collect card ends the game.


Bonus Spin Wheel Game:

A wheel with five pieces, resembling the wheel of fortune, emerges if the question mark you select exposes the Spin Wheel extra mini-game. You spin the wheel, and if it stops on a prize portion, you win the prize. A new spin starts after the part is taken out of the wheel and left empty. You spin until all the pieces are gone or land on an open section.



Super Gems is quite an addictive game which is major because of how engaging the game is. The other fantastic thing about this game is that a fanatic can place bets on the game. On Parimatch, for example, betting is straightforward and gamer-friendly

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