You can throw a totally awesome party with these ideas.


Did you know that the perfect party can be thrown without a lot of money, proper planning, or event invitations? You’ve got to see these rather simple tips, tricks, and guidelines for throwing a party. Read through them and discover how you can throw an awesome shindig with little to no effort! And as always, if you need professional help with your event, we’re happy to oblige.

Step Up Your Social Networking Skills

The very first step is to get more involved in social media. In fact, you need to network with all of your friends and family so that you can get their attention on the right night. If you have a large group, it’s important to work in segments. Start with one person in each group. Ask that person if they’re willing to bring their friends. Then you can invite others to join, and eventually take over the whole group!

Party in Their Hearts…and Social

This is actually one of the easiest aspects of throwing a great college dorm party and other parties. If you’re planning to host the annual Holiday Party, then you need to get the date locked in no later than February 1st. If you’re hosting on the weekend, then you have a longer time frame to work with. Also consider doing your party during Thanksgiving or Christmas, if possible. By doing this and having fun with people all dressed up for these holidays, everyone will feel like they’re part of a larger family.


Do a Great Cleanup and Recycling

While having fun at your party, you’re going to make a bit of a mess, so you have to plan ahead. Selecting disposable plates, cutlery and cups will help with the clean-up. If you don’t have this kind of stuff, then consider asking your guests to bring their own plates and silverware. You should also ask them to bring their own drinks too! Only serve drinks that can be thrown away easily, like juice boxes. It’s also a great idea to have everyone bring their own food. This helps with party planning and it also keeps your home from being trashed too much!

Make Sure Everyone’s Invited and Keep it Secret

You might want to think about throwing the party when most of your friends will be together. On Christmas Eve, for example, you can invite all of your office mates over for an evening celebration. And if you’re hosting for New Year’s Eve, then it’s a great idea to invite everyone in your immediate family. After all, it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is!

Play Some Great Music

You can candlelight your entire party by playing some great music. A DJ can set you up with some fantastic sound equipment or a live band on the stage. Make sure that you have enough lighting in all areas of the room and make sure to keep the volume down at a great level.

Invite your guests with an invitation that is suited for the party. There are some great online tools that allow you to do all of the work, or you can create one yourself! You can use a picture or sketch of the door handle and draw a big red bow around it. By doing this, your guests will never forget where the party is and they won’t sneak in through the back door! And if you don’t have a door, then it’s important to have a large open window.

Get a Host

If there are too many people to handle at the party, then it’s important to have a host. This is not just for the drinks and snacks; it’s also for making sure that everyone is having fun! Make sure that you have a lot of games, activities, and prizes to give away. This will keep your guests occupied and it will help them make new friends. You can also bring in some professional bartenders and servers too!

Have a Goody Bag

These bags are filled with great items that can be used during the party. Put snacks, bandages, and lotion all into one package in a tote bag or garbage bag. This will help you save a lot of time and money, plus it’s good for the environment. If you’re using this as your main invitation, make sure to have a larger invitation that gives everyone more details about the party.

Decorate the Room

Whether you have a small party or a larger one, you need to decorate your room. This is not hard, but it takes time. You can create some beautiful mirrors to fill in your walls and put silver candelabras on the tables. You might want to hang some outdoor lights in your window too. Decorate your area with large fake trees and flowers. If you’re having a photo booth at your party, then you can hang rubber chickens or funny hats on the walls. You can also hang some of the picture frames high on the wall and lower others so that everyone can read them.

Have Some Games

Your party is going to be filled with a lot of games and competitions. One of the funniest games you can play is the “Hot Seat” game. Everyone will gather around one person, who sits in the middle of several pillows. Everyone takes turns asking questions until they find out where that person met their spouse or significant other. They then take a seat on that particular pillow. These will usually end up in a lot of laughter and silliness. Another great game is “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, which everyone loves!

Play Your Favorite Music

One of the best ways to enjoy your party is to play some music. You can bring in a live band or you can play some CDs at home. You can also play some cool music through your home theater system. If you like to dance, then select some great music for that too.

Don’t Forget Some Entertainment

You need to have some entertainment at your party, whether it’s a DJ or those funny people who tell jokes and play games. You can even get an entertainer who uses magic tricks and other great acts. Before the party, select a caterer or ask each of your friends to bring their own food. This will help keep the cost down and you can have lots of great food!

Don’t Forget Those Invitations!

The best way to do this is with a small invitation for everyone attending the party. This should include the date, location, and any important information too. Make sure that you put all this info and your contact information in a very nice envelope. Whether you do this by hand or use a computer, make sure that it’s easy to read so that you don’t have any problems.




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