You can entice up your bath bomb packaging with these 7 ideas! 


There is nothing more soothing than having a good bath after getting home from work. And to have bath bombs is like icing on a cake. Therefore, it is compulsory for you to have some bath bomb packaging ideas for yourself to stand out in the marketing! Don’t you think that it is a super cool idea to have your bath bomb in a cardboard box? And the added touch with a ribbon tied to it adds so much more character!

Here are the 7 ideas that can help you to boost up the sales!

Bath bomb packaging with a custom box

Just imagine yourself coming back from work and you are going to have a good bath with your bath bomb in its packaging. You will be so much more relaxed after getting out of the tub.

Bath bomb packaging with a ribbon

Your bath bomb packaging can be as chic as you want it to be. To make it fancy and satiate your desires, you can choose to put a ribbon around the box for that sweet touch!

Bath bomb packaging with a paper bag

There is no such thing as too much when it comes to making your bath bomb packaging special! You can further add on an extra touch by putting them in a paper bag instead of a cardboard box and tying a bowknot on it like those big shopping bags you find at those exclusive stores!

Bath bomb packaging using a cupcake box

The cupcake box is the best when it comes to making a design out of your bath bomb packaging. You can have a small ribbon tied to it or you can have a small colorful paper inside of it like those chocolate boxes that are used to wrap chocolates.

Bath bomb packaging by using a box from a beverage

Bath bombs are not only for making bubbles but also for making bath time special! And if you want your bath bomb packaging to be from a beverage, you can have your bath bomb in the box that you get from that kind of product.

Bath bomb packaging by using an old yogurt container

Yogurt containers are the best for storing your bath bombs! You will love how it adds the right touch to your bath bombing business. It is designed simply like sharp shape and straight lines, simple and basic!

Bath bomb packaging by using a cereal box

There is nothing chicer than having your bath bombs in boxes such as those of cereal products. It is chic and it is special.

These are just some of the ideas that you can use to entice your customers to buy your bath bombs! With these ideas, you will be more attractive to your target market and they will love what you have for them!

All these boxes are eco-friendly packaging solutions:

The custom box can be used to make new boxes, the paper bags can be recycled, the yogurt container is reusable for years. The cupcake box is a great way to show your packaging design and the beverage box is attractive! And the cereal box… just looks cool!

Advertising is an extra topping you can have on your boxes:

Sign your boxes with some stickers, it will make good attention and have people looking at your box,

A way to make good attention is to put something colorful inside the box like cool ribbons, stand out in the crowd by adding some tiny details. Maybe the customer can find something interesting; it may be the color or maybe the ribbon or even “the paper inside”. Whatever you do, just make sure that it will increase sales! But I would like to make a suggestion if you are planning to have your own bath bomb packaging ideas. Maybe you can make different products with different packaging so that maybe some of your customers will buy different products in one order or another. Have a big impact on your customers.

Create a loyal customer base with the packaging ideas:

Maybe you have noticed that you will be much more inclined to buy a product if the packaging is nice or even if the tube of the toothpaste is nicer to look at! So, it is completely true and I know that you have experienced it before. Just imagine yourself going to buy a new product. Sometimes, we are so much attracted towards certain products and just because that certain product has better packaging and like maybe a bright color or maybe it has some cute designs on it.

Durable and cost-effective:

The packaging is the first thing that you see when you look at any product. It is important for making your business grow in the best way. There are plenty of packaging ideas and tips available on the internet.

Save money and get your custom packaging:

I know it can be expensive to purchase your own customized products. But, as a start-up company, it can save money for you! Here are some great ways to get your custom packaging:

Use a water bottle filled with bath bombs! – This idea is a way you can create a custom package that has multiple uses! You can use this idea to carry multiple bath bombs in one bag or container.

In a nutshell:

If you want to attract customers, you need to create a unique packaging that works for your brand. You can use any ideas from above or come up with your own idea! The most important point is to remember that the box must be attractive and to make it in 3D style is always great! It is necessary for you to use eco-friendly retail boxes and make sure that people are able to open the box easily!

If you want people to choose your products by themselves, also put some sample bath bombs! So when customers see your package on the shelf they will give it a try before they buy.


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