X Pros and Cons of Having a Sliding Screen Door

Sliding Screen Door

You Are a do-er. You are someone who looks at a challenge, and says “Yeah I think I can handle that.” Heck, you were practically born with a power drill in your hands. And lately, you’ve been thinking. You’ve been thinking that you want an entrance into your backyard space. You want something that not only frames your living room but also acts as a portal to the great outdoors. What you want. Is a sliding screen door. But not just any sliding screen door. You want one that will look amazing in your house. You want one that will not let a single bug into your home. And most of all, you want to install it yourself! Well, that all sounds spectacular my friend. But you are forgetting about one key issue. Did you discuss this with your wife first? Don’t worry I can feel that cool shock creeps down your spine even as I’m typing this. And for you? I have one solid piece of advice. Make a pros and cons list. Sit down together with your wife, tell her about your idea and ask to make one of these lists together. If you’re having trouble getting started then don’t worry because I have my own thoughts on the subject!

PRO: Removes The Separation From Indoor and Outdoor

Does this sound familiar to you? You’re having a backyard cookout. There are burgers, brats, and beer, and you’re smiling from ear to ear. You’ve been grilling all day, but it’s one of those perfect kinds of grilling days. The one where the sun is out, but it’s not too hot. Where there is a cool breeze now and then, and the meat is searing so easily and so tenderly. You feel like you’re earning the embroidered grill master apron, that your wife got you on some errant Thursday. It is in a word bliss. Until you realize something. You’re out of onions for your burgers! You’re a little too busy at battle stations to get them yourself, so you call for help. “Jenna!” You shout but to no avail. You can see your wife clearly through your kitchen window. She’s making drinks and hanging out with her friends. She’s having a great time, but she just can’t hear you. What are you to do? Well, this is where the screen door comes in. Now all of a sudden that barrier between indoors and outdoors has completely evaporated. This allows two people to talk to each other from across the yard! Not only that, but you have the added benefit of improving the flow of energy in your house. Now the spirit of your house opens up allowing for more familial moments that you’re sure to love!

CON: You’re Letting In the Elements

If we’re talking in terms of screen doors, it is my ultimate opinion that the pros outweigh the cons. However if there was one con I would have to point to, it would have to be the fact that. Having a screen door in your house does make it more susceptible to egress by good ol’ mother nature. And I know I know, obviously having a hole in your wall is gonna affect the temperature of the house. But what I feel goes often unconsidered in these conversations is the effect a sliding screen door has on the insulation of your house. This can have a significant effect on your cooling and heating bills. Additionally, if you live in a more moist climate, you’ll probably see an increase in your house’s internal humidity. That being said, It is still my feeling that these cons are negligible. However, in the interest of fairness. I thought it important to mention them.

When you’re thinking about making a major install into your home. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. With the cost of materials, and the cost of labor (paid for in either a professional’s time or yours). There are a million tiny things that can go wrong. And if any of them do go wrong, then it is you left on the hook for it. It is my feeling though, that you just need to consider one thing. And that special incredible inexhaustible exuberant thing is merely the fact that. Your family is going to love it! Having a screen door makes the summer that much more fun. No longer do you have to make the tough choice of feeling cooped up inside, or alienated in your little outside island prison. Now you are free to come and go as you please, with ease! Making your cookouts a whole heck of a lot easier. With the addition of a screen door, you can enjoy the summer from both sides now!


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