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The quest for finding the perfect manufactured gemstone jewelry will end here. We are talking about gemstone, which is going to set the trend in the market in the upcoming months. It requires lot many processes to create a perfect piece of jewelry, which the wearer cherishes for a lifetime. The gemstones have come to the earth as the gift of nature in different ways. And they render the benefits to the wearer in many ways. So, let us discover some gemstone and their properties.


The Larimar crystals come straight from the Dominican Republic in rock form, then cut into small pieces at the factory. It is a pectolite mineral that rates between 5 to 7 on the Mohs scale hardness. First, it is carefully cut into the required jewelry shape. Few popular forms are circles, ovals, teardrops, and many more. Then this stone is set into the sterling silver, or the rose gold metal with machinery techniques, or by the artisans with their hands. Polishing the products enhances the beauty of the gem at least five times. Then the Larimar jewelry is ready to be sold in the market and make people’s lives better with its beautiful properties. It can soothe the life of the wearer by reducing the stress and the problems of anxiety and depression. Also, it allows the wearer to have a sound sleep without facing the difficulties of lucid dreaming.


India and Sri Lanka are the best places to get moonstone crystals. These crystals are imported from these places to the factory. It requires extra care while cutting the moonstone pieces because it has been made into the layers at the time of its formation. The artisans have to be careful not to cut them in from between. A proper layer of moonstone has to be cut altogether to get its beauty. Moonstone Jewelry offers a blue sheen, which is enough to make a heart fall for it. Apart from that, it provides an incredible advantage to those involved in the creative fields as it allows them to think about ideas going beyond their abilities.


The gorgeous moldavite jewelry is admired when it is made through the hand-made process. It is a rough stone with many inclusion on the surface, for which is it is loved. Setting it into the sterling 925 silver is the most preferred jewelry type. It comes from the Czech Republic, as it is the only place to get these crystals because they were fallen to the earth only at one place in the world. Yes, they were formed when the comets and meteoroid activity took place on the earth, around 15 million years ago—having the transformation energies to develop the wearer’s life into a better place to survive in. Moreover, it can be a wonderful gift for the ones starting the new venture, as it has the capability to take their business to heights within a few months.


The most fragile and delicate gemstone opal is available in parts of Australia and Ethiopia. They are the high-quality gemstone used in making the ornaments, enhancing the glow of the women. These crystals form with silica and water particles inside them, making them soft. Cutting these crystals is a very crucial part. One has to be very delicate while doing it. It rates between 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale toughness.

Moreover, they don’t have their own light, and they reflect the light of the object they fall upon. They come in varieties of pink, blue, yellow, orange, white, and colorless shades. After the final touch given to the opal jewelry, it is ready for packaging to be sold all across the world.


The turquoise crystals are mined in many parts of the world like Iran, Egypt, Northwest China, Mexico, and the southwestern part of the United States. The bluish-green color crystals form elegant jewelry pieces and are worn in the form of rings, bracelets, and necklaces. It is an opaque mineral and is composed of hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate. The stone lies at six on the Mohs scale hardness. Therefore, setting the turquoise stone into the sterling silver jewelry has no match. The Turquoise jewelry is worn to bring good fortune, health, wealth, and success.

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