7 Windows errors you might encounter and how to fix them

windows errors

It is common to encounter an error while working on your computer or browsing the internet. It is quite common to encounter errors while working on your computer, especially if you are browsing the web. You could have a problem with a driver or device. Or, it could be an app you’ve recently installed that doesn’t work well with other modules. These errors are often overlooked and not investigated. It will most likely fix the problem. But again, you don’t need to cut your hand or attach a prosthetic every time it itches. We’ve looked at some common mistakes that we see every now and again, how they can be fixed, and what they mean.

Windows Errors

The POST beeps

This is most likely the first error that you will encounter when turning on your computer. If the computer’s vital components are working properly, you should hear one (or more, depending on the manufacturer of your motherboard). Technically, a beep means your computer passed the Power-on Self-test (POST). However, if you hear more than one, it could indicate that your computer’s hardware is malfunctioning. The manufacturer of the motherboard and the BIOS version of your computer will determine if you hear more than one beep. This could be anything, from a dead CMOS battery to a nonfunctional graphics card.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

No matter what Windows operating system you’re on, the Blue Screen of Death (or BSOD) is something you have probably seen at least once. This error is not like other errors. There is no real-time escape. To avoid the error, press ESC or CTRL + Alt + Del. This will cause it to appear immediately. This error is usually caused by recent software or hardware changes you may have made to your computer. You should unplug any device you have attached to your computer after restarting. Also, uninstall any software you installed while you are in Safe Mode.

You can also use the handy freeware Nirsoft BlueScreenView to tackle these issues. This app examines the logs and system dump files to determine the cause of the problem. Reliability Monitor and WhoCrashed are alternatives.

Virtual Memory Too Low

Another common error is to make. This happens when your RAM is low or an application is consuming or leaking your memory. Computers use smart methods to deal with programs. It either gives them the actual memory or virtual memory. This is your hard-drive memory that is used in place of physical memory. You will need to purchase more RAM chips in order to fix this problem.

You can increase the pagefile size if your RAM(s), as well as the current RAM(s), are sufficient to handle the work you do. Go to Control Panel, System, and Security. Click on Advanced system settings. From the Advanced tab in the performance, pane click on settings. It is recommended that PageFile size be 1.5 to 2 times the RAM memory.

The DLL files that are missing

It’s quite common to mention a missing DLL message. DLL file error is usually caused by an inability to find one of the required files (.dll) while running a program. This error can be fixed by reinstalling your software. If it is a system file, you can search online for it and obtain a copy. The replacement file does not have to work every time. Secondly, ensure that the website you are downloading the file from is reliable. These errors are usually caused by viruses so it is worth looking into a better antivirus program.

Device errors

A driver module glitch could cause a device to stop working recently. You will need to access the Device Manager to determine what is wrong. Click on the Start Menu and type in devmgmt. msc. Locate the device and right-click it to open its properties. Click on the “Update Driver” button. Click on the Device Status to see an error code. You can search the code online to find the links to a variety of forums, including Microsoft’s support site.

Fatal Exception errors

Computers have many programs and hardware that share memory and other resources. A program that doesn’t fulfill its request will give you an error message indicating “unhandled exception” and it might even end. It could even cause your computer to crash. You can find the problem on Microsoft’s webpage.

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System Error Codes

Software programmers use a protocol to assign error codes to end users and IT support to explain what the error is. Microsoft’s support website has a list of all error codes and their meanings. The error code 22 is “ERROR_BAD_COMMAND”, meaning that the command you entered was not recognized by the program. Whereas, error “225 (0xE1)” is “ERROR_VIRUS_INFECTED” which means the program wasn’t able to complete the operation because the file contains a virus or any other potentially unwanted program.


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