Who Covers a UPS Truck Accident?

truck accident

Delivery companies like the United Parcel Service (UPS) make tens of thousands of deliveries per day. They’re seen so often on streets and highways that sometimes we don’t even notice they’re there. 

Even though they fade to the background doesn’t mean they’re not there, though. Unfortunately, accidents take place between drivers and UPS trucks all the time. 

If you’re curious about what happens when you get into an accident with a UPS truck, we reveal more in this article.

Background Data

In most instances, UPS drivers deliver packages quickly and safely. However, like everyone else, they’re not perfect. And unfortunately, accidents do take place. 

Traffic safety researchers reveal interesting statistics. Their findings show that drivers have gotten ticketed more than 2,000 times nationwide over the past two years. They’ve been ticketed for various infractions. 

Additionally, in 2020, more than 2,000 collisions occurred. Over 1,000 of these accidents resulted in injuries. 

Vicarious Liability

A delivery truck accident case against UPS can yield positive outcomes. However, the UPS driver’s insurance is rarely in charge of covering accident costs. 

Rather, UPS themselves will pay the person. UPS uses a legal principle known as vicarious liability. Vicarious liability means a company bears responsibility for an employee’s negligence. In some cases, this also includes converting an employee’s criminal behavior.

Holding UPS Itself Accountable

UPS as a whole could be subject to civil action. However, a claim must prove that the company engaged in malpractice. Examples of malpractice are improper hiring, retention, supervision, or training processes.

Are Other Parties Liable?

Accidents are not always a UPS driver’s fault. In some cases, other drivers and individuals are responsible. 

These individuals may include: 


Establishments that constructed faulty truck parts could be held accountable. 

If parts don’t get installed properly, they can cause problems. For example, if something is faulty, it may impact a truck’s operations. In that scenario, a manufacturer may be liable to cover the damages. 

Cargo Loaders

Occasionally, individuals other than UPS staffers load trucks. This happens at locations such as airports and other transportation hubs.

Companies employ cargo loaders when they are shipping large quantities of parcels. Sometimes, the employees may not secure the materials they place on UPS trucks. In these instances, the loose materials could result in unfortunate traffic mishaps.

Other Motorists

Third-party motorists might also bear responsibility. Drivers who engage in detrimental actions cause dangerous results. 

There can be unfortunate outcomes when a motorist: 

  • Speeds
  • Drives under the influence
  • Uses a mobile phone 
  • Drives while tired 

A motorist should always keep their eyes on the road and use common sense when driving. Otherwise, they may be at fault when getting into a truck accident with a UPS truck. 


Sometimes, poor maintenance might result in mishaps. For example, improperly installed or repaired parts of a UPS truck could prevent it from working.

Proving the Case

The affected driver should get a legal team involved to prove the UPS driver is at fault for the truck accident. 

To find a reputable legal team, get recommendations from people you trust. There are excellent legal companies that can help you win a claim, like JT Legal Group

Accident attorneys look for proof that will help you win a case. For example, company logbooks may show the employee worked more hours than allowed. The result is they got overly tired, which caused the truck accident. Or, phone records might show the driver was talking or texting when the truck accident occurred.

Proving liability on another person or establishment requires gathering the necessary evidence. The evidence must prove that they behaved negligently. 

For example, say you’d like to prove that faulty truck parts caused the accident. Then, the legal team should verify design or manufacturing flaws.

Steps to Take Following an Accident

If you’re involved in an accident with a UPS vehicle, you should:

  • Contact the police and obtain an official incident report
  • Gather the contact information of any eyewitnesses
  • Take notes of what you remember happening before and during the accident
  • Receive prompt and thorough medical care if you were injured

Above all, you should consult with a personal injury attorney specializing in UPS accidents. Again, an attorney can review the case and determine the most logical next steps.

Final Thoughts

A delivery accident involving a UPS driver is pretty complicated. They’re not as straightforward as a car accident. So, keep this in mind if you decide to move forward with a case. 

The best course of action is to seek guidance from an experienced truck accident attorney. With a legal team’s help, your chances of recovering damages significantly increase.


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