Which are the Most Recommended Schools in Balewadi, Pune?


Pune is one of those cities in India where the ratio of ex-pat population is high. They come and settle in the city for a better career, education, and livelihood opportunities. Balewadi is a suburban area in Pune, where most ex-pats stay. Their concern is to find the best Balewadi school for their children. Therefore, they look for multiple options during school admission in Pune, having quality amenities and superior educational standards. 

The challenge is not to find such a school in the Balewadi area but to decide which one is the best. If you are also a parent with school-going kids, you may have to do thorough research and explore multiple options before deciding. We have listed the options which are best of all, to save you from the daunting task of checking every school.

Most recommended schools in Balewadi.

The Global India International School Pune

GIIS Pune is a reliable and renowned school, with branches in multiple parts of the country and world. The environment at this Balewadi school is highly nurturing, and the bond between the students and educators is also healthy. Quality education is their strongest pillar. They boast of having 200+ awards to their name for educational excellence. Apart from academics, their students also excel in co-curricular activities and sports. So enrolling your child here is a fruitful decision that will give excellent results.

Bharathi Vidyapeeth English Medium School

Bharathi Vidyapeeth is a renowned name in Pune educational market. They have schools, colleges, and universities to cover education at all levels. It is well-equipped with all the technical amenities and facilities to help children grow and do better in life. Their teaching approach is student-centric, emphasising experiential and practical learning. Apart from academics, their students also excel in co-curricular activities and sports. 

Vibgyor High International 

It is another option for parents during school admission. They provide quality education, focusing on the overall development of the child. Their vision is to create a sense of enthusiasm and empower students to go beyond boundaries and do well in life. They provide equal opportunities in academics, sports, arts, and every other learning aspect, ensuring that students experience everything. Their presence in multiple cities of the country signifies their excellent market credibility. 

The Orchid School

Students at The Orchid School get an environment that keeps them rooted morally but gives them perfect exposure to the outside world. The home-like, conducive environment makes students more comfortable and reduces the chances of being gloomy or disinterested in school. The school focuses on building creative learning and decision-making skills amongst students. They understand that the students will have to face the challenges to excel in life. So, they take care of this right from the beginning. 

Vidya Valley School

Another best option for the best school in Balewadi is Vidya Valley. Their philosophy is to help children make decisions and teach them how to think. They never impose anything on them or teach them to decide under pressure. There are equal opportunities for sports, academics, and other learning fields to ensure that students never miss out on any area where they feel they could do better.

There are multiple school options available for school admission in Pune. However, choosing a school from the list will prove beneficial. The best way is to list your requirements and then explore to check which fits perfectly. Once you have an option or two in your mind, visit the school personally to experience the environment and facilities. Stay vigilant and gather as much information as possible to rest assured that you have chosen the best option for your child. Then, make wise decisions as it has a significant impact on your child’s life.


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