What You Need to Think before Making Your Walls Colourful 

What You Need to Think before Making Your Walls Colourful

Painting your walls can be a fun project. But, the outcome of that may not be satisfying if you haven’t thought about it a hundred times before starting off.

See, painting is a project that needs time and effort. That’s okay.

But, when it is done, and you see that the design of the work didn’t fit our expectations, you lose enthusiasm and are also required to arrange extra money to invest in damage control.

In 2022, painting a single bedroom flat into a 5 bedroom large house can cost you from 700 to 1400 pounds. 

And that is still a lot of money, to which you have to add more (painful) for making up errors.

So, the best idea to eradicate such issues is to put the brain to work.

To do this, you need tim you need some good time to think.

With this time, think about what your project demands in particular. Couple that thinking with the points you will find below to make a relevant and informed decision.

What You Should Be Thinking before Painting Your Walls 

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It is because being sure of the aspects of your painting project can give you that exact idea of investment amounts.

You may use such ideas to get the perfect loan for your project and comfortably fix the repayment schedule and interest rates.

Well, it is time for you to think.

So think and consider the following points too.

  • It’s Not an Impulsive Decision, Right?
  • Choose Which Rooms to Paint 
  • Do You Need Themes or decoration?
  • Priming (You Need it Badly)
  • What Weather Conditions Are Involved?

Interesting, right? Let’s know about them a bit more…

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It’s Not an Impulsive Decision, Right?

You need to read something eye-opening from finder.com

A survey made by the said website on impulsive shopping has found out that 78.2% of the Britishers have found themselves be the victim of online shopping. As a whole, the estimate for impulse shopping amounted to a surprising 1.06 billion pounds. 

Now, these people have just done online shopping. Think of the expenditure had you spent the money painting your walls impulsively!

That would be a substantial financial loss for sure.

You don’t want that.

Painting your walls in the impulsive sense can ruin your financial plans or disrupt your budget strategies.

Ask yourself the real reason for painting your walls. Don’t go for painting your walls if you had just FELT TO do so.

Instead, take up this approach: Paint when you need to.

  • Paint when walls are damaged
  • Do it for the newborn’s room (but just that room)
  • Painting can be a great idea in case you want to sell your home
  • Or if you’re going to put it on rent

There are many reasons to go for painting your walls. Just be sure that reason is a logical one.

But please don’t go for impulsive painting. There is nothing in it.

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Choose Which Rooms to Paint 

We discussed the newborn’s room, right?

Often painting gives us the idea that it can become cost-effective if we paint the entire home or unit.


Paints and painting materials are costly for sure. But, these costs fluctuate. Depending on the time you paint and the reason you are painting, the expenses of your project can vary.

While it may sound quite the opposite to a flat payment, it also gives you the opportunity to save money because fluctuating or liquid costs are flexible enough for affordable spending.

Keep calm and decide which room (or walls) you want to paint.

And do that only.

Be specific.

Be frugal.

Oh yes, check for that bad credit loan with guaranteed approval from a direct lender to even be more frugal (as it saves your savings account in the bank and turns you more organised).

Do You Need Themes or decoration?

Do You Need Themes or decoration

Probably not!

Or if you do, you should be very certain about it.

Here are a few things you need to consider:

  • Decoration: Decorating your walls with different colours or adding textures and artwork is definitely good. But, you must keep in mind that walls are not the canvas of an artist. You can do a bit of that decoration in the newborn’s room, and then a bit in the bathroom and kitchen or the bedroom. But, too much decoration might minimise the soothing effect of uniform wall colours. Instead of excessive decoration, keep them to a minimum. Add colours alternatively in walls to still have a trendy design. You are welcome to add artwork but make sure they come at affordable rates. Overall, your project can also save money in this way.
  • Colour: Choosing lighter shades is always good as that opens the opportunity for trying out deeper shades. Light colours reflect more light while the deeper hues absorb light making the room look smaller. For that grand effect, light colours are always better. Try out a colour before you set to paint your walls with it.
  • Highlighting: A large to medium vintage sized white bed with gold accents in a Scarlet coloured room. Fantastic, right? While painting your walls, you can also choose the highlighting material and pick your colour according to that. This means do not neglect the colour of your furniture and other things as they are the ones your wall colours will highlight.
  • Equipment: Choose the brushes and rollers in perfect working conditions. You also need a step ladder. Make sure all of this equipment are adequately maintained after use.

If you pay attention to small details such as these ones, you can definitely ensure what you might

Priming (You Need it Badly)

Priming your walls gives them extra protection.

You don’t need too much paint to cover your walls up with primer.

Leaks or cracks or damages in the walls must be covered with a primer before the application of paint.

More than that, good priming work can also eliminate the possibility of bumps or shiny spots or flashing. These problems occur when paint gets applied to the wall directly.

So you can understand that priming turns the surface of the walls friendly for painting.

And the bonus?

You know it. You need less paint, which means less money.

What Weather Conditions Are Involved?

Yes, paints are getting more and more powerful in bearing harsh weather conditions.

However, there are different materials by which these chemicals are made of.

Diverse materials also have individual traits of application and rules of maintenance.

So, you need to check that first.

Decide on what kind of paint you want to administer to your walls. Make sure you give them time to dry out.

That is why painting in mid-summer or the rainy season is not going to be a good idea.

Plus, you might need a variety of paints to be applied at different times of the year due to particular weather conditions, as those can turn out to be suitable for the paints.

Again it is the same concept: Look before you leap.

To Conclude 

Don’t overthink, though.

Pay attention to your home’s particular needs, and then stick to choosing the best package.

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You may start adding colours to your walls in order to make your life more colourful!

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