What to Check Before Buying Welding Supplies?

Welding Supplies

Are you a DIY enthusiast looking to work on exciting projects or renovate your home? If yes, having the right welding accessories can make a ton of difference in your work process.

However, considering the increasing price of welding supplies, you might not be too convinced to invest your money in them. In that case, you can start looking for a second-hand toolkit or borrow it from your friends or family. 

Before you go ahead and select the right machinery for you, it is crucial to have proper knowledge regarding the same. Read more to know about 4 facts you must keep in mind! 

Learn the Difference Between Different Welder Types 

Most people have only seen one welding machine in their homes or offices. Naturally, the awareness of 3 types of welders is considerably low. However, it is best to identify your purpose and know more about which tool suits you best. Here are 3 different types you must know of: 

  • TIG: Works on a wide range of metals.
  • MIG: Ideal for working with thinner metals.
  • Stick: Mostly used in industrial work and construction sites and are more affordable. 

Check the Type of Metal 

Generally, welding is meant for carbon steel. As a result, it can handle any extra heat accidentally applied to the metal surface. It can thus be used with most kinds of welding machines available. 

However, stainless steel does not require the same amperage level, considering it is mainly used to store edible items or beverages. This metal is therefore highly compatible with TIG and MIG welding supplies. Similarly, aluminium requires a TIG machine as extra heat can deform its entire surface.  

Find the Amperage Needed

The type and cost of the welding machine to purchase will directly depend on the thickness of the metal surface you plan to work on. Needless to explain, thicker surfaces will require more current than thinner surfaces. Therefore, check the fixtures and metal base properly before beginning your project. 

You can also refer to a machine’s specs sheet to know more technical information. For example, a duty cycle will help you understand the tool’s ability to perform welding within 10 minutes. The machinery might heat up or damage if you go beyond that level. 

Check the Availability of Spare Parts

You must have faced a situation where you can’t find the right gasket for your rice cooker or the fitting bell for your old cycle model. No matter how good the product is, it will be damaged at one time. Therefore, it is better to confirm the availability of spare parts before investing money in the product. 

Side by side, it is also important to note that you won’t be able to fix it yourself. Therefore, you should also look at the proximity to the nearest service centre. If you invest in a quality product, you can expect the manufacturer to provide a specific guarantee or warranty duration. 

Wrapping Up 

If you are trying to be more handy around the house, you will inevitably find yourself needing welding supplies. However, it is crucial to know more about the machinery before you go ahead with the purchase. 

You should also focus on narrowing down your purpose. Welding machines are useful in multiple industries like construction (50.3%), manufacturing (20.5%), and mining (17.2%). Based on the kind of work you are looking to perform, you can select either a TIG, MIG, or Sticker welders.  

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