What is the main transportation in Colombia?


Transport performs an especially essential role in Colombia, where the issues of various and difficult terrain are being addressed to unite the USA. By a long way, the maximum vital way of surface delivery is the road machine, about one-8th of that is paved. Click here https://prozgo.com/

Two parallel foremost roads enlarge from Caribbean ports to the interior, one from the Cordillera Oriental to Bogotá and Santa Marta, the other from Medellin, Cali, and Popayán to the Ecuadorian border. A branch from the primary results in Cucuta and Venezuela. However, due to the difficult terrain of the Darien Gap, there’s no overland communique with Panama and Central America, which separates Panama and Colombia and bisects the northern and southern sections of the Pan-American Highway. Road expansion and improvement is a priority of the government, as most of the domestic freight nowadays is trucked. The frequent landslides make the protection of highways tough. One of the most critical transverse routes passes through the Cordillera Central, connecting Bogotá with Cali (within the Cacá Valley) and Buenaventura, the most important Pacific port.

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Perhaps in no other we of a has air shipping performed the sort of huge function as in Colombia. The authorities-controlled airline Avianca claims to be the oldest business airline operating in the Western Hemisphere. Frequent flights connect all the vital cities, thereby reducing tour instances on atrocious, oblique, and sluggish mountain highways. Most humans tour via air in Colombia, which is said to have proportionally the very best fee of air tour within the world, and airlines take care of four instances more shipment tonnage than the national rail gadget. The foremost global airport is Bogota’s El Dorado, and there are others in Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Isla San Andrés. The last serves the large tourism enterprise there.

The position of the railroad has come to be increasingly secondary. The standard-gauge traces are owned with the aid of the government. The major line is the Ferrocarril del Atlántico, which runs north for 600 miles (1,000 km) between Bogotá and the port of Santa Marta. In the Magdalena Valley, the principal line connects with every other at Puerto Berio, passing through Medellin to the west and the port of Cali and Buenaventura to the south. This and other local traces are frequently closed by landslides.

The Magdalena River now not performs a crucial function in transportation, even though it still carries a few bulk items, mainly petroleum. In earlier instances, travelers to Bogota were taken with the aid of a riverboat to La Dorada, wherein the journey to the internal capital endured on land. The Sino, Etrato, and Meta rivers also are navigable, however, they, too, are used much less regularly. The opportunity of uniting the country’s Caribbean and Pacific coasts by using constructing a canal among the Atrato and San Juan rivers has been considered; However, that venture has now not gained momentum, as the close of the Panama Canal has proved to be a handy and cost-powerful hyperlink.

Cargo ships ply the waters of both the Caribbean and the Pacific, which are connected to the north using the Panama Canal. The Caribbean ports of Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Santa Marta have exceedingly deep waters and are prepared with contemporary port facilities and offerings; However, the silt deposited using the Magdalena River at its mouth requires continuous dredging to maintain shipping access to the Barranquilla Wharf. The port of Buenaventura on the Pacific Coast, on a mangrove-covered embankment, gives easy get admission to and a present-day installation.

Finance And Business

The banking gadget is composed of an important bank (Banco de l.  A. Repubblica) and over 30 preferred banking establishments, several of which might be partly overseas-owned. The Monetary Commission, installed with the aid of the authorities in 1963, is the best authority in matters referring to the extension of credit. Such credit is prolonged through the important financial institution, which additionally problems currency, acts as a banker to the authorities and other banks, acts as a custodian and administrator of the USA’s worldwide reserves, and serves as a clearing residence.

A foreign alternate is specifically concerned with the export of raw substances and the import of equipment and manufactured items. Colombia’s unmarried largest trading companion is the US. Trade with China, Mexico, Japan, and the nations of the European Union is also essential, as exchanges with neighboring Andean nations.

The fashion of import substitution (substituting locally produced goods for imports) started at some stage in the Great Depression of the Thirties and persevered into the Fifties and 60s when Colombia became almost self-enough inside the production of non-customer items.


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