What is the Core Difference between Education and Literacy?



The debate about the differences and links between these two terminologies has been going on for a long. Even the experts often get confused between these two is any connection between the two or not. But, today, in this article, we will help our students and readers understand the core difference between the two. You might have heard people debating what is better to analyse one country’s growth. 

Literacy in real terms reflects one’s legitimate proof or ability to read and write, whereas if we discuss education, it has a much broader perspective. Let us make you understand with a very relevant example. You have heard of tools like (ERP Full Form) Enterprise Resource planning and learning management system. What are these? 

These are technological tools invented by educated people to improve the country’s literacy. Because of online education, both government and private edtech companies are trying their best to improve the literacy rate in the rural stabilization areas. It helps them move forward a step in the direction of getting educated when we talk about the overall development of a person concerning the intellect knowledge and application of that knowledge to bring revolutionary changes for the society, in short making human lives better. 

However, people’s perspectives might differ when “Literacy” is used. One of the essential things about literacy is that their developments do not require you to visit some educational set-ups. The practice can be achieved in both homes as well as from schools. One thing that can help educators or schools in general or parents can help their students/kids grow efficiently in reading and writing is to encourage students to visit the library and increase their reading ability at surge levels so that they can improve at a much faster rate. 


As we already shared, education is a much broader field to deal with. Here, both literacies at reading and writing and the overall development of an individual’s personality are considered. 

It is more about imparting skills, knowledge, and values to real-life practice. It will further help human lives become better like the one we have seen and experienced. All these technologies and online learning are introduced into our lives, with the only motive to help students achieve something commendable in life. 

Some people also think of education as mere going to school completing courses from College, but, as we said earlier, it is a much broader concept. You will learn about many things there to call yourself an educated person. In general, educators introduce students to different cultures and guide them in acquiring culture, being independent thinkers, and developing a perspective of their own.

A student must get educated as it connects us more with the world and helps us become non-judgemental and respectful. 

We did talk much about the differences. However, the confusion still among the public is valid on some similarities that these two words share. 


Literacy is the first ladder for calling oneself educated. It would not be wrong from any side if we say that literacy is an essential component of education. 

Literacy rate or literacy also works as an analyzer for primary stage education in a country. 


However, the two words “Literacy” and “Education” can be interrelated but are also different. According to us, literacy can also be called a stage towards getting primary education essential for one to survive, where modernization is driving people away from the native language, and English is becoming the most speaking official language in the world. 

But, being literate is not enough for your social and emotional development. You have to get yourself educated to further improve on social and emotional grounds and help yourself and the entire world progress in a Human-environment friendly way. 

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