What is the Best Thing to Learn in an Embedded System Project?


Embedded systems are the mixtures of software and hardware used to make a particular application. These systems can be found in simple appliances such as digital cameras, home devices, calculators, etc. Working on embedded system projects not only enhances your capability and employability but also provides you a hand on experience with such systems. Also, there is much demand for embedded system engineers. Keeping these demands in view, top institutions and universities have started these job-oriented embedded software engineering courses. By 2028, the recruitment process for embedded engineers will increase to 20%.

Best things to learn in projects of embedded system 

There are many things you can learn while doing projects on embedded systems. Some of the main things are as follows:

1.     Choose a Programming Language

Choosing a programming language is the top priority of learning things in embedded systems projects. The first phase is to understand all the available options and then to opt for any particular one from the available options following your needs. By utilizing low and high-level programming languages, programming of the Embedded systems can be done.

Both types of languages have their benefits and uses. For low-degree programming, Assembly language is employed, and for high-level programming, mostly C language is used. Sophisticated and complex systems make an intention of low-degree programming languages. The user has much control over the memory and hardware with such language of low-degree programming. The small system makes use of languages of high-degree programming. Such languages are simple to understand, and these programs are compact and readable.

2.     Learn C/ C++

Learning programming languages is another important thing to learn in embedded system projects. The commonly wielded programming language is c /c++. Maximum products if embedded systems are formulated in such a way that they can support the language C. This language is much simpler to understand and a nice start for beginners. For the development of embedded software, C language is much preferred.

3.     Know your Microcontroller

Microprocessor or microcontroller is a crucial part as far as embedded systems are concerned. So, it is good to learn about your microcontroller. The microcontroller acts like a CPU in an embedded system. It contains ROM, RAM, and other aspects like counters, timers, etc. 8051 Microcontroller, PIC Microcontroller, or Arduino are commonly used microcontrollers.

4.     Understand Basic Electronics

It would help if you had a good understanding of electronic devices to know the embedded system well. If you do not have a good understanding of electronic devices, it will be very tough to design any embedded system program. An Embedded system is not only restricted to writing your program. The main aim is to make a full and effective system that can affect various physical things. Hence, it is important to understand the software and hardware very well.


To understand the basics of electronics, you can begin your way with small projects rather than studying the information of all kinds of available devices. Also, you must understand an idea about fundamental terms of electronics such as current, power, resistance, voltage, etc.


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