What Is Considered a Local Move?

Local Move

Preparing for a move can be difficult. If you’re researching “movers near me,” you can prepare by learning about moving services. Here is some information about local moving:

What Is a Local Move?

A local move is any move within a 50-mile radius. It can be anything from moving items up a flight of stairs to relocating 49 miles from your current home. Most local movers charge an hourly rate to cover travel expenses and moving services. Total moving charges depend on the size of your home and the number of items you want to be moved.

Some homeowners choose to handle the local move on their own to save on professional fees. This isn’t recommended as you might lose or damage your belongings due to improper packing. Hire a professional local mover to make your moving hassle-free, fast, and efficient.

Which Services Can You Expect From a Local Mover?

Here are some of the services offered by local movers:

Packing and Unpacking

Packing can be a tedious process when moving. You need to find the right packing boxes, declutter your home and pack your belongings safely. This can be a lot to handle, especially if you have a large family.

Local movers are packing experts who’ll have your items well-packed and unpacked efficiently. The movers can supply the packing materials; you don’t have to look for the supplies yourself.

Loading and Unloading

You will need to arrange your belongings to fit into a moving truck. Lifting heavy items can lead to back strain if done improperly.

Local movers know the precautions to exercise to reduce the chances of injury. They know how to pack items in minimal spaces. This can save on space, so you won’t incur higher costs hiring a larger moving truck.

Assembly and Disassembly

Local movers help to prepare large items like furniture for transportation. Prep includes disassembly, secure wrapping, and putting items back together after relocation. This allows you to transport large items in small spaces.

Specialty Item Handling

Items like pianos, antique furniture, and artworks need special care during moves. Improper handling may lead to damage or asset loss.

Local movers are experts at managing fragile items. They know which measures to put in place to protect your belongings and enhance safety. This may include:

  • Using high-quality packaging supplies
  • Wrapping up items with bubble wrap
  • Packing goods in specialty moving boxes
  • Labeling the boxes as fragile to enhance care when handling

Professional movers need advance notice to prepare themselves on how to move your delicate items. 


Local movers are a great choice for anyone uncomfortable driving large vehicles. Hiring these experts will take the stress out of navigating busy roads. They use expert drivers, and you can rest assured your belongings will reach your new home safely. 

Local, Intrastate, and Interstate Moves: What Are the Differences?

The key difference between local, intrastate, and interstate moves is the distance covered. Local moves involve relocations within a 50-mile radius. Moving to the apartment next to yours or a few blocks away is a local move.

Any distance beyond 50 miles within the same state is an intrastate move. Moving from San Antonio to Dallas is an intrastate move as you’re in the same state. 

Interstate moves involve crossing state lines, like moving from Texas to California.

The three moves differ in pricing. Most local movers charge by the hour, whereas long-distance movers charge by weight. Long-distance moves may be more expensive because movers must pass multiple toll booths. Always ask for a quote before signing an agreement with any mover.

You Can Now Find Movers Near Me

Now that you know what a local move includes, search for movers near me. You’ll find various options, some specializing in local moves and others in long-distance moves. Focus on local movers if you’re moving less than 50 miles from your current home. They’ll handle everything from packing to specialty item management. Choose convenience by hiring local movers.

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