What Bartenders Study?


What is a Bartender?

A bartender is a bar or bar professional who has knowledge about cocktails, bar management, customer service and creating experiences with the drinks he prepares.

It is a person who serves customers behind the bar in a hotel, cruise ship, nightclub, disco and other places with a bar.

The bartender is a more modern concept that implies more customer service, more attention behind the bar.

It’s also different from the mixologist, who is a bar chemist, a drink designer. The mixologist works more experimenting, designs new drinks.

Some mixologists are bartenders. Let’s say mixology is a specialization of the bartending profession. Just as an eye doctor is a medical specialty, mixology is the specialty of a bartender.

What is the difference between a Bartender and a Barman?

Before explaining what bartenders studylet’s talk about the differences between these and a bartender.

The term “bartender” comes from the time when only men were bartenders, which means that it refers only to the men who work at the bar.

To locate them you don’t have to go very far, let’s remember those Western movies, where the lonely cowboy arrives in a new town and the first place he visits is the saloon.

The man who greets him is none other than a barman or bartender, the one in charge of serving the cowboys with alcohol or beer.

The term “barman” can be applied to any person, male or female, who is behind the bar. He has a great knowledge of drinks and cocktails.

Another difference is that a barman refers to a waiter who only serves drinks, simpler drinks. While a bartender refers to a customer service professional who prepares a greater variety of drinks.

Thus, although the two concepts are similar, they actually have many differences, both in their genesis and in their application.

What Bartenders Study – Bartender

What does a bartender study?

Until a few years ago, the bartender training or a waiter was made at work. In other words, the person could start working with an internship contract and gradually acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their tasks. 

However, this profession has changed a lot. Customer demands make more specific training necessary to meet their expectations. Therefore, if you train as a bartender, you have more chances to find a good job and more quickly.

The bartending courses are increasingly popular in Brazil, like this one “Curso de Barman Online“, so it is possible to carry out one in person or remotely. 

Now it is possible to take a Certified Online Cocktail Course and be prepared to carry out the profession wherever you want.

The bartender courses usually last between 4 and 6 weeks and in them you will learn, among other things, the following:

Prepare the most common cocktails in the market and in the main international markets.

  • Prepare drinks with a measuring cup or with the Free Pour.
  • Use specific utensils for this job, such as a cocktail shaker, a strainer or a cocktail torch.
  • The different cocktail techniques such as layered, crushed, shaken, stirred or poured cocktails.
  • Differences between the main alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; especially distilled beverages.
  • Hygiene, personal image and customer service.

How to become a Bartender

In addition to explaining what bartenders study we give you the steps to get to exercise this job.

1. Take a bartending course

Being a bartender is not just any job, it takes a lot of time and effort to become a master. For become a bartender, you have to hone your skills. 

You can be the most sociable and model student and have a lot of work experience, but without a bartending course behind you, you will have a hard time working in the bar of your dreams.

To take a bartending course, you’ll learn all the skills you need to feel confident behind the bar. 

You will learn the art of freely serving multiple drinks at once, surprising your customers with your style and working under pressure. You will learn all the necessary tools, like a kit bartender profissional.

In addition, you will open many doors with a certificate that will help you in your career as a professional bartender including learning about an entire international cocktail menu.

2. Choose where and when to work

With your certificate in hand, you’re on your way to become a professional bartender. So where do you want to work? We are not talking about the bar you have in mind, you have to think big and long term.

Maybe you want to work during the winter season in the Alps, or maybe you prefer the beach and are preparing for the summer season. When you become a professional bartender, the world opens up for you to embrace the flexibility that comes with the profession.

3. Make your CV stand out

Companies receive tons of resumes, what to do to stand out?

  • Be professional, do not include a party photo of yourself.
  • List your skills
  • Give your CV personality to make it stand out
  • Don’t forget your work experience, but make sure it’s relevant.
  • Make sure you keep the details and make it one page.

4. Job Search

Nowadays, online searches are the most common, but don’t be afraid to leave your CV in person in some places. 

Make sure you dress appropriately, remember you want to be a bartender, not a personal trainer. Be friendly and have a positive attitude, but don’t be arrogant. A good first impression is essential in this profession.

Your attitude is the first thing they will know about you, so make sure you don’t let them down. Be polite and courteous.

5. Work your way to the top

Great, you have a job and you can show off your skills! For rise to the top of the bartending profession, remember that you must constantly recycle yourself and show that you are the best. 

Make sure you’re up to date, they say practice makes perfect, so try to practice your technique in your spare time. Those who practice every step of creating a drink are the superstars of the industry.

6. Go back to studying

Trends change, which requires constant learning in such a specialized sector. To be a bartender who really knows what he’s doing, you’ll have to keep learning as you work. It is a good option to take a functional style or mixology course to be able to offer your clients a unique experience.

What Bartenders Study – Cocktails

Being a Bartender in Spain or abroad

You know what bartenders studyand now that?

This profession is one of the best jobs for students, although if you want work as a bartender in Spain, you will always find different options, such as working temporarily or with a permanent contract. 

However, if you want work as a bartender abroad we’re going to offer you an option that will allow you to get to know a large number of countries and people of different nationalities in the same place: a cruise.

Cruises are characterized by the high quality of their services. Customers often pay large sums of money for these types of trips and therefore expect to receive high-quality services, such as bar service. 

Work as a bartender on a cruise ship is very rewarding, since it is a job in which you meet people from different cultures, it is well paid and, in addition, it allows you to improve your knowledge of one or more languages.

How much does a Bartender earn in Spain?

According to the specialized portal Indeed, the average salary of a bartender in Spain is approximately 1,260 euros per month.

To this salary you must always add the tips received by customers, which substantially raises the figure in some cases.


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