What are the skills python backend developer must have?

Backend Developers

Like building the foundation of the house is important to hold the structure of the building in the upright direction, in the same manner, designing the structure of the software application or the website is also important when it comes to creating any website or software application by backend developers. Like a good architect is needed to build the structure and design of the house, a great deal of importance is also paid to the architecture of the software that creates a profound influence on what is built at the end. The solid foundation of the software application or the website ensures the powerful, scalable, and high-performance that is impossible to achieve without an architectural vision of the product.

For creating the software application or website, there comes an entire series of steps that are implemented for the optimized output. Tailor-made applications and websites that are created need an effective architecture to ensure high functionality during the entire development process. However, from the right coding approach to using the right tools and getting hands on the best framework, the right technical approach is needed to ensure the high performance of the product development.

An important role in tech by the developers

All the applications and websites that the users are using are compromised of two main parts, the front-end that is facing the user’s side and the back-end which is the brain behind the highly functional website or application. The behind-the-scene activities that users do not see are primarily focused on the backend logic, database, servers, and APIs. However, to create a fully functional website or application, both the front-end and the back-end are equally important to ensure the frictionless functionality and performance of the application or website.

For a better understanding of the front-end and back-end, consider the following example that will ensure a clear distinction between the server-side and the client-side.

Front-end of YouTube

After coming to the website, the first and foremost thing that users do is to search for their desired content by writing in the search bar. After clicking on the desired video, the features of the front-end of the website include similar suggestions of the video, playback speed, video quality, resolution size, video aspect ratios, etc. ensure a smooth, enhanced, and hassle-free experience to the users on the website.

Back-end of YouTube

When the user is in search of the desired video and writes the query in the search bar, the backend fetches the data from the server and shows all the suggestions regarding the query on the website display, and allows the users to make the choice based on their preferences. The backend developer codes the query and implements the functionality of the desired code and filters the result from the database.

The backbone of the product development- Programming languages

Launching a new website or application is not as easy as it sounds. The frontend developers and the backend developers need to deepen their understanding of the entire development process including the programming language to tools and frameworks. Out of all the languages that are used particularly for specific purposes, python with its easy syntax allows dealing with different intricate systems and supports multiple programming styles.

The easy-to-use and high-level programming language are used as both frontend and backend. But the simplicity of the syntax and widespread server-side makes python the most approachable for the backend development of applications or websites.

In order to rank higher among the python developers, the python developer just does not need to master the programming language but there come scores of other technical skills required to become a successful Python developer.

●     Sound knowledge of front-end technologies

The python developer works closely with frontend technologies to make sure that the client-side meets the server-side. Knowing about the different front-end technologies like CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5 will give a clear understanding of the working of the application.

●     Learn about Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence

Web applications are highly benefitting from highly in-demand technologies including AI and ML as it comes within data science. A python developer needs to have well knowledge of machine learning algorithms, data analysis, data collection, data visualization, and neutral network. Proficient in knowledge about data science will help in dealing with the large volume of data.

●     Familiarity with web frameworks

The python developer should also have a deeper understanding of the web frameworks for python including Flask and Django. Understanding the web frameworks for web applications is a must-have to function with python. Flask is a micro web framework that includes libraries and modules that makes it easier to write web applications without implementing low-level codes.

●     Proficient in core python

Before carrying out any product development that needs python as a programming language to ensure the high functionality of the web application or website. It is important for python developers to master all the concepts of the python language. This includes data structures, file handling, exception handling, data types and variables, generators, object-oriented programming, and iterators. A developer knowing all these concepts about the python language will deal with all sorts of data efficiently.

●     Understanding of Object Rational Mapping library

The data-oriented programming language uses object rational mappers for the conversion of data from one system to another. The backend developers are using ORM libraries with python code to make changes in the database instead of using other codes. Such as Tortoise ORM, Django ORM, SQL, and Pony ORM to read, create, update and delete data schema.

●     Knows about version control

Sound knowledge about the version control will help the developers to keep the track of the minor changes that could occur during the development process. The complete traceability with version control will access every minor change and allow for revision of the code. Different version tools can be used such as Git, Apache subversion, and many more.

●     Expertise in communication and analytical skills

The python developers need to master the communication skills in order to avoid the communication gap that leads to misunderstanding and risk the quality of the product development. Moreover, the python backend developers also require analytical skills to optimize algorithms while coding, visualizing data sciences, web development, etc. all of which are vital to creating a highly functional web application or website.


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