What are the benefits of window stickers?


Window stickers are window-mounted devices used to display advertisements, point out events and special offers. They can be easily removed and reattached without leaving a residue.

Window stickers are usually printed on clear adhesive vinyl or removable window sheeting. The product is environmentally friendly and weatherproof. It can be used on the interior or exterior of windows.

Window stickers are primarily used in retail stores to display window signage such as menus, opening hours and special offers. They’re also popular for window advertisements, window banners and window flags.

Their main advantages include:

  • Window stickers are removable without leaving any residue
  • Window stickers are printed on durable, weatherproof vinyl
  • Window stickers don’t require adhesives but can be used with tear-proof window sheeting for added support (suitable for vertical surfaces)

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most window stickers include an adhesive strip or pre-applied adhesive tape to make the product easy to apply; however, they can also be used with window sheeting for greater stability.  Here is an example of window sticker.

How much do window stickers cost?

Window stickers cost between $1 and $4 each depending on size, quantity, color, and design. Larger window stickers tend to cost more than smaller ones.

What are the main types of window stickers?

There are four main types of window stickers: window clings, window panels, window sheets and window decals.

Here are their differences:

  • window stickers are removable without leaving any residue
  • Window stickers can be removed easily without leaving a sticky adhesive behind They’re printed on durable, weatherproof vinyl.
  • window stickers come in wide range of sizes and shapes with different designs

How to choose the right type of window sticker for your business?

A window sticker that suits one person’s needs may not be suitable for another’s.

There are several factors to consider before purchasing window stickers:

  • The estimated amount of time window stickers will remain in place – window panels and window clings can remain stuck to a window for days or weeks, while removable window sheets and window decals only last a few hours
  • Durability: window stickers with tear-proof window sheeting require more force to remove them from vertical surfaces such as store windows; however, this increases the life span of the product
  • Visibility: window clings offer full visibility but won’t display your window signage well enough
  • Ease of use: some products come pre-applied while others require you to apply them yourself; some include an adhesive strip while others need tape; some window stickers are removable while others are permanent; window panels need to be assembled before they’re ready to go

Where can window stickers are used?

Window stickers can be used on the inside or outside of window surfaces. They work best with flat window surfaces although they can also be applied to curved window surfaces.

They’re commonly used in retail stores, restaurants, bars and cafes as menu boards, opening hour’s promoters and special offers displayers. Window clings are often used for point-of-sale promotions.  Here is an example of window sticker.

How long do window stickers last?

The estimated lifespan of a window sticker depends on the type of product you’re using. Window panels usually last between 5 days and 3 months. Window clings and window decals usually last between 7 days and 3 months. Removable window sheets don’t usually exceed 24 hours, but they’re best used for short-term events such as festivals rather than advertising campaigns. Here is window sticker lifespan.

Tips: Window stickers can be printed on different types of materials including self-adhesive vinyl and window sheeting; the latter requires tape or tear-proof window sheeting for added support (suitable for vertical surfaces).  Use window stickers to promote menu deals outside your business, to display window signs inside your business and as window banners. Although window stickers are made from durable material, all types should be applied carefully using a squee, roller or credit card.


Window stickers are window signs that cling to the inside or outside of window surfaces. They come in different shapes and designs with various sizes, materials and window sticker types (window clings, window panels, window sheets and window decals). Window stickers are weatherproof and can be used on either flat or curved window surfaces.


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