What are advantages of MBBS in Philippines over other Russia and China?

MBBS in Philippines

If you are evaluating MBBS options abroad and perplexed among Philippines, Russia and China then this post will help in solving your dilemma. Here are six advantages of choosing Philippines for MBBS over Russia & China:

Russia and China have colder Climate:

Russia and China are extremely cold in winter. These are the countries known for harshness and length of winters. There is no doubt that the infrastructure of the country is built to withstand severe cold. But for anyone who is shifting from tropical countries like India, would face challenge in adjusting to the weather. Philippines have dry and wet weather. The dry season is from November to May and rainy season stays from June to October. This climate is comfortable for Indians and Asians. 

Disease pattern vary because of cold climate:

Climate change in Russia and China is more pronounced than in any other country. Due to this, there is risk of emergence of infectious diseases especially when one is living in hostels. Extreme temperature and altered rainfall pattern can cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases especially to migrants who are not adaptive to that temperature. Philippines being a tropical country is free from such hassles. It has tropical climate and same disease pattern in India. Tropical countries are easier to adapt by people of all countries. 

Language barrier:

Getting around China and Russia can be a real challenge if one doesn’t know local language. The colleges and universities are English medium so you won’t face language barriers as part of your curriculum. However, it will be difficult for you get along with locals and roam in areas outside the tourist hotspots. This means using public transport, shopping necessities at local vendors, utilizing suburb trains and communicating with locals can be a difficult task for you. So, if you can’t survive on translation apps, you have a reason to prefer to study MBBS in Philippines over Russia and China.  

Philippines follows US pattern of education:

Philippines is known as gateway to USA because of the education pattern followed. The curriculum and medical program followed in Philippines is similar to what is followed is US. The universities in Philippines have private hospitals to provide practical exposure and hands on experience to the students. The infrastructure, professors and medical research in Philippines is top notch compared to China and Russia. The students can competitively appear and qualify for MD entrance for US universities or get placed in lucrative jobs in US. 

Studying in Philippines is reasonable and affordable:

The tuition, study and accommodation fee in Philippines is lesser than charges in Russia and China. This makes it affordable for students who hail from lower- or middle-income class families. Philippines MBBS fees for top medical colleges remain highly affordable to people across the world. They can avail loan facilities and pursue their career in medicine. 

Food options:

Russia and China are not metropolitan or tourist countries, hence one needs to survive on local food options. It becomes further difficult to sustain if you are a vegetarian! Philippines being hub of tourists and connectivity to other countries, there are many food options. 

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