Vantagefx Review: Key Findings for 2022


Vantagefx adds support for various social trading networks, Trading Central-powered content, and custom android apps to its range of MetaTrader platforms. Vantagefx however, lags behind industry leaders in crucial fields, including research and education.

Making an investment offer

Whichever business oversees your account will determine the variety of marketplaces that are accessible at Vantage. For instance, Vantage’s Australian division provides 257 components, while its Cayman Islands division provides 201.

Trading in cryptocurrencies is possible at Vantage through CFDs and trading the underlying stock (e.g. buying Bitcoin). Notably, neither U.K. residents nor retail traders from any broker’s U.K. firm are permitted to trade cryptocurrency CFDs.

Fees and commissions

CFDs are complicated financial products with a significant chance of losing money quickly because of compression. 74% to 89% of retail CFD accounts are in the red.It would help if you thought about your understanding of CFDs’ operation and ability to bear the substantial risk of financial loss.

The cost of trading at Vantage varies depending on the type of account you open and which Vantage particular company holds your account. Vantage offers the spread-only Standard STP account, the fee RAW ECN and PRO ECN accounts, and the spread-only Standard STP account. Overall, Vantage’s pricing is largely in line with the industry standard, but it can’t match the rates offered by Saxo Bank, I.G., and CMC Markets, which are the leaders in this area.

Comparison of standard and raw accounts: For August 2021, Vantage lists typical spreads on the EUR/USD of 1.22 pip for its spread-only Standard account.The average spreads for its Raw accounts during the same period were 0.15 pip ($3 per side plus $6 per round turn), for a total of 0.75 pip.

Vantage’sfx  PRO account provides an economical solution, with a $2 per-side commission (or $4 each round turn) for the PRO level. The requirements for obtaining a PRO ECN account with Viewpoint vary according to the organization that oversees it. It would help if you met certain criteria to be categorized as a wholesale client by its Australian organization. You must fill your account with at least $20,000 if you open it through Vantage’s Cayman Islands organization. The PRO ECN account is Vantage’s most affordable choice and comparable to accounts given by F.P. for individuals who can satisfy its different account requirements.

Vantage fx is it safe?

Vantage fx has an overall Trust Score of 83 out of 99, regarded as average-risk. Vantage does not run a bank and is not a publicly traded corporation. Two tier-1 regulators (high trust), zero tier-2 regulators (medium trust), and two tier-3 regulators have approved Vantage (low trust). Tier-1 regulators Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) and Financial Conduct Authority have awarded Vantage authorization (FCA). Study up on Trust Score. Vantagefx option is like a forex option where you cn choose th many trading choices,


In this Vantage F.X. review, we found a free, limitless Vantage F.X. sample account for all clients. Once you have registered with Vantage F.X., you get access to the demo account. Before you can begin using it, you can finish the sign-up process in as little as 30 seconds.

It’s a great choice for new clients who might not be familiar with online trading and want to practice before investing cash. You can learn more about the platform and test any tactics to see how they will work when you eventually utilize your funds. Forex option is best trading option for all the traders that want to earn money through online trading platforms.

The simulated account is highly helpful to beginning forex traders. In addition, we learned about a first bonus offer in this Vantage F.X. trading review. Customers are entitled to a 50% credit incentive on their initial deposit, up to a maximum of £500 in your main currency. For deposits over £1000, an additional 10% incentive is offered. On subsequent deposits, you will additionally receive a 10% credit bonus. To be eligible for this, new clients must open a live account, choose to participate throughout the offer, and deposit money into the account.


We know that clients desire a platform that isn’t unduly complex, similar to what we observed in our study of Luno. Especially if you’re brand-new to trading on the F.X. and other markets. According to the U.K. review, the Vantage F.X. platform is simple to use. Trading is made simple and effective by its simplified appearance and straightforward design.

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