Unique plants to send to friends in USA Halloween Special


Occasions are like the best parts of our lives. We all live busy lives. We all run for money after time. And all our schedules are so packed that we can’t take leave usually. But still, we know how to rank our involvements. We manage time to attend these occasional celebrations with our loved ones.

Occasions can be of two types- personal/family occasions and social occasions. Social occasions are diverse since they are associated with varieties of cultures. Also, social occasions have varieties of moods as well. Some have the essence of love; some the togetherness. Some are on religious rituals. And some other is of fun local cultures. One such occasion is Halloween.

Halloween by origin is an Irish festival. In America, it has vast popularity. The date of observation of this occasion is universally 31st October. In their culture, this date is also popular as All Saints’ Eve. It is the evening celebration of the Western Christian Feast of All Hallows Day.

People around the world love to celebrate this occasion. This is popular for its weirdness and spookiness. The celebration is very exciting with weird decorations and funky costumes. Many things can be suitable as gifts for this occasion. But, to make the gift last a little longer, it is best to send plants. A Halloween plant is one of the unique gifts for this occasion. Here is the list of the best Halloween plants to send to your friend in the USA.

1) Bat Flower

Bat flower sounds like a spooky thing. But natural things can never be spooky. these is called Tacca chantrieri. Bat is black. But there is no such organic flower in black. The color of this flower is the darkest shade of purple. The petals seem wrinkled, but they have ruffling petals. Also, the flower has a hanging androecium that looks like a hanging whisker. This appearance makes it resemble a flying bat. The flower can grow up to a fee. The whiskers also can grow to 28 inches. It is a tropical flower and is an indoor plant. It grows better inside the doors, or even on the porch. Since it has an origin in Southeast Asia, it prefers shady humid areas to have proper growth. You can Buy plants online in USA sites to get the best quality of them.

2) Cobra Plant

A plant in the name of a snake-what can be spookier than this! There is a reason behind this plant’s name. It is a carnivorous plant. Hence, it has such a weird name. Darlingtonia californica is more popular as the California Pitcher plant in the world. The plant can grow up to 3 feet tall. The appearance of leaves is spiral and tube shape. And the apex parts of the leaves have spread ends that make them look like a snake hood or fangs. The forked protuberances give them the look of a cobra even more convincingly. This is a very finicky plant. Hence, it is best to gift someone with gardening experiences only.

3) Black Elephant Ears

This is a very common genre of plants that one can find in the wild. Black elephant ears are perennial tropical plants that have huge heart-shaped lamina. It can grow one foot wide and three feet long in height. The purple and green colors of these plants have such a fine finishing that they glow in the light. It would give a perfect uncanny feeling to the Halloween party at night. It is also famous as the ‘Black Magic’ plant as well. Black elephant ears grow in colder places; hence it can better be a houseplant. With the highest humidity and indirect sunlight, the plant flourishes the best. One thing to mention- this is a hardy plant and tends to grow into huge bushes. You can send Halloween plants like this to your loved ones on this occasion.

4) Cockscomb

Cockscomb is an annual flower and the name of the plant is weird. It is an annual plant that is the easiest to grow. What makes it weirdly attractive is the flowers. It has bright violet or red-colored, showy, and fuzzy flowers. The flowers are fused with a wavy edge. Hence, it looks like a bloody red brain. One can also grow this flower in other colors like white and green; orange and yellow as well. It is a flower that can grow both in outdoors as well as indoors. For outdoor growth, the best timing is late summer and early fall. And the rest of the time, it grows indoors.

5) White Baneberry/Doll’s Eyes

Weird props like popping eyes and cutting Zombie’s hands make Halloween appropriate. Now guess if a floral Halloween plant that can resemble such a prop! White Baneberry is a Native American plant that grows like a cluster of berries on sticks. White in color with a black spot on it makes it ideal for its name as doll’s eyes. This perennial plant is easy to grow in indoors. Late fall is the best time to plant this floral plant. But, there is something very important to notice. This is a highly toxic plant for all living things. Hence, beware of it.

6) Ghost Plant

Now a ghost plant is perfect for the occasion of Halloween. This plant has a universal name of ghost plant but also has some natives as well. If you come across a plant named Indian pipe or Corpse Plant, it is the Ghost plant. The plant is a succulent that carries no chlorophyll in it. Hence it doesn’t need light to grow. That makes it a plant that can grow anywhere. Also, this plant is parasitic as well. So it needs some other plants around to depend on for nutrition. When the soil is rich and moist, it can pop up on itself. But it is difficult to cultivate. Since they are important parts of the garden ecosystem, it is best to grow them outdoors only.

Plants are always the best ones as gifts. Plants with little care can live longer, carrying the essence of the occasion. Above are the best and most unique Halloween plants to send to the USA friend on this occasion.



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