Is NOT WORKING? How to Fix and Connect it?


Is your not working? Is your causing trouble? Are you unable to connect to Are you getting error notifications? Don’t worry, and you have chosen the right site. This site will help you to fix your is a TV with internet usually found in hotels, and you can watch your favorite movie through any popular streaming on it. When you check-in in hotels, you have to sign in to approach Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, and crackle on tv.

Is not working? How to fix it?

Many people face the issue that their is not working. There must be some loading issues because the server slows down when many people use tv

There must be some other issues like:

  • There must be issues all over the area.  There may be a temporary blackout or shutdown in your living place services.
  • The server may be down due to traffic at the same time.
  • The network may be poor.

When your not working, try the following ways to solve it:

Try to reconnect tv.

When is not working, try to connect it again by plugging it off, waiting for a few minutes, and then plugging it in again. It may help you set up the new connection of the network, which can intensify your streaming speed.

Have patience and wait:

Sometimes there is a server problem. The overall server is slow. It takes a few minutes to settle. So have patience and try to refresh it again and again until it works.


If you notice that other people are also facing this issue, tell the hotel manager to report a problem at the down detector and try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. When is not working any need to get bored, you can use your chrome to enjoy your movies.

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Frequently asked questions?

Do Marriott hotels have Netflix?

If you already have a Netflix account, you can connect it on

Why is not working?

There must be poor network, down the server, or temporary complete shutdown of services.

Can we fix tv

Yes, try to refresh the screen, again and again, restart it again, wait a few minutes and you will get back to the network and watch your favorite movies.

What if trying again and again won’t fix the tv.

If the problem won’t be solved by waiting or trying again then there is a need to report the problem and then they will work on it and the connection will be reconstructed soon.

Conclusion: is a way through which you can enjoy movies from different streams in your hotel rooms. They have provided their guests with this amazing facility. But sometimes is not working.

It has a poor connection and causes difficulty in performing its functions. But these issues can be fixed easily by reconnecting or reporting the problem, and then you can enjoy your movies again.

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