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If you are looking for a connecting flight through Hong Kong International Airport, check the Cathay Pacific website to know more about connecting flights from check-in to arriving at your final destination. As the omicron cases are rising day by day across the world, the Hong Kong airport authority has decided and announced that there will be a limited number of transit flights. Hong Kong Airport Transit services will be only for those customers who are coming from places with less risk. This is applicable from 16th January to 20th April 2022. They will make sure your transit through Hong Kong will be as smooth as possible.

Transit Eligibility

Not all travellers are eligible for transit flights, so you must check your eligibility for transit before your travel. You can also check Hong Kong entry restrictions and quarantine requirements. All passengers are required to have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result along with other supporting documents. Passengers using Cathay Pacific flights may connect to the other flights if they are coming from China or Taiwan. Passengers from other destinations will not be able to use Hong Kong as their transit point.

Transit requirements

Passengers who are travelling from Taiwan must have a medical certificate with them that shows that their COVID-19 test is negative and they are permitted to transit in Hong Kong. The COVID-19 test must not be so old. It must be taken within 48 hours of the scheduled departure time of their flight. This test alone is not enough. Passengers must get another document from the laboratory that proves that the laboratory is certified to perform these tests.

Passengers who are coming from China do not need a COVID-19 test report during their transit. But they must make sure that they fulfil all the requirements of the final destination.

Passengers who are eligible will be able to transit if;

  • They have single booking for their journey.
  • They have their boarding pass for the onward flight from their origin.
  • The transit connection time between flights is within 24 hours.
  • They have their baggage checked through their final destination point.
  • They fulfil the entry requirements of their final destination.

Travel Tips for Your Flights

Try to arrive at least 2 to 3 hours before your scheduled flight. This is important as there might be a need of contacting the immigration department to confirm your foreign visit. After getting approval they can accept you for the travel.

Always make sure that you have all your belongings in your hand-carry that you need during travel. Once baggage is submitted you can not get it back to get anything from it.

The airport is open 24/7 so if you have missed your flight, you are late, or you are rejected to enter Hong Kong, you can wait and stay at the airport till further arrangements.

Make sure that you have all the required forms and documents with you. You must have a valid health certificate and a travel form. You need to have all necessary documents to prove that you are eligible to transit.

Travel Tips for Your Transit

During your transit, you must stay at the airport with full ease and comfort. You must keep in mind your waiting time during your transit. If you have to wait for a longer time, you must bring an extra coat or jacket to stay warmer. You may have a cushion with you for a comfortable stay in your seat. You can also use this cushion as a pillow if you want to take some rest. Always have snacks and a water bottle with you. Your water bottle must be refillable. The airport has restaurants and shops but their operating time may vary. Because of the high COVID-19 impact, all travellers and passengers are required to bring a surgical face mask at the airport. You must use the mask all the time and it is highly recommended that you bring extra masks with you.

Transit Hall

When you arrive at Hong Kong’s International Airport, you will be moving towards the waiting area or transit hall at level 5 of the airport. In most cases, you will have your onward boarding pass with you, you will simply follow the signs to the transit point. You can then proceed to the departure area at level 6. If you want to check your onward flight, you must visit the transfer desk. To avoid any security issue, Cathay Pacific always checks the required necessary documents at the next boarding area. For safer and smooth travel, they will check that the information and photograph identity are exactly the same as on the boarding pass. Passengers travelling from countries other than China and Taiwan will be provided with a third-party lounge to stay and relax.

Lounge Etiquettes

When passengers are waiting in the lounge, they are requested to behave ethically and professionally. Always make sure that you behave and follow specific etiquette. Try to refrain from causing any offence, misbehaving, or disturbance. Never make noise and bring your voice to the minimum level to maintain a peaceful environment. Use your headphones when you want to use your personal mobile devices for music, movies, or games. Set your mobile on vibration. Parents must monitor their children and ask them to stop if they are making disturbances or causing noise. Discourage your kids from shouting, jumping, playing, running, and laughing out loud. Smoking cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are not allowed in the lounge area. There is a small library in the lounge where a few books are available. These books are for those who love reading in their free time. Passengers are requested to put them back so other travellers may enjoy their time too. Passengers are requested to avoid putting their feet on tables, chairs, and sofas. Bare feet are not acceptable for hygiene and safety reasons. If you have your luggage carts with you, put them out in the lounge area for available space for other passengers.

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