Top Seven challenges of Mobile Test Automation and how to resolve them?

Mobile Test Automation

According to a report by Statista in 2021, there are currently an estimated 6.4 billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide. Furthermore, with the rocketing use of smartphones, the world has experienced a rise in the number of mobile applications.  

However, mobile application development is not a cakewalk. Instead, there are numerous factors that can become roadblocks in the journey of successful application development. Therefore, performing software testing during the development lifecycle of mobile applications is like cutting corners and preparing your application to have a successful functionality and provide a delightful browsing experience for your users.  

Although software testing is a great way to deliver a robust application, automating the software testing services could be an excellent practice to make the process more dependable and efficient. Software automation testing services serve a significant purpose to make your mobile application testing process faster and smoother and exclude any signs of human errors.  

Top eight challenges of mobile automation testing and ways to overcome them:   

Automation is a beneficial practice in the software testing process. However, software testers or even business owners must keep an ear to the ground about all aspects of the same. Here are some of the most faced challenges of mobile test automation and ways to resolve them:   

  1. Lack of knowledge:   

Yes, you read that right! Automation testing services require a special set of skills and software testers usually resort to manual testing to avoid this gap. Although automation makes the process more intelligent and results in faster delivery, lacking the required knowledge and skills can be a setback during the process.  

To overcome a situation like this, there can be two ways, one by reaching out to the best software testing organizations and getting help from their team of experts to do the job for you and deliver a smooth functioning mobile application. Second, you can organize special training for your team of software testers to train them in mobile automation testing.  

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  1. Scarcity of time to test:   

When any mobile application is developed, software testing acts as a shield against any potential problems. However, if software testing is not considered a priority and is not given enough time, it can lead to forthcoming issues. Moreover, due to early releases and more time to market the application, business owners do not leave much time to test the application. Hence, it causes friction in the application.  

Business owners must understand that it is critical to perform automation testing services and write proper test cases and for this reason, you must keep enough time to build robust software. Once the tests are automated, releasing the application will not take much time.  

  1. Wide variety of tools:   

With the rising need for software automation testing services, the number of test automation tools has also risen. Thus, it can create confusion in the mind of the testing teams about which tool to pick from. Similarly, every application is designed differently and has a different functionality code. Thus, a wrong tool choice could lead to a challenging situation for the testers.  

Therefore, it is necessary for software testers to understand the application and its features. This along with the understanding of the various tools will help determine the most suitable tool for a software. 

  1. Multiple devices in the market:   

It is clearly evident that the market currently has various devices on which your application can run. Thus, it becomes crucial to test your mobile application to see if it is compatible with all devices ranging from smartphones to tablets to smartwatches. Apart from the variety in the device types, these devices possess a lot of variation in their display/screen sizes, operating systems and several other features which if not efficient enough can majorly impact the user experience.  

Software testers must plan the QA process in a streamlined manner so that tests can be automated, and it results in efficient performance. Several distinct types of tests including usability, cross-browser, load, performance, API and so on, need to be planned and strategized according to the device’s features and functions. Only when the QA experts rule out possibilities of defects through these tests, the devices and software should be released into the market to ensure optimum performance.  

  1. Testing labs:   

Software testing is a comprehensive process and requires teamwork. However, it is also equally important that these tests can be performed from any remote location to avoid working from a fixed testing lab which could be the reason for delayed delivery. Thus, it is always a great idea to perform software testing from a cloud-based lab to have continuous testing of the application.  

  1. Test management failures:   

Before automating tests, it is essential that the teams understand the entire process and manage tests properly. Test management means that the software testing teams must start the process slowly and automate a part of the process initially instead of automating all the tests at a go.  

  1. Lack of cooperation from teams:   

Software testing is a continuous process and requires developers and testers to collaborate. Thus, if the teams are not aligned with each other and there is a lack of collaboration, then automating the process could be a challenge. Consequently, it is necessary that both the teams understand and plan the process together and work together to deliver a successful mobile application.  

Key learning:   

Mobile automation testing is a fruitful mechanism for both software testers and business owners to deliver a smooth functioning application to their users. Hence, it is necessary that you understand all the aspects and plan the testing process accordingly.  

To avoid most of these challenges, you should consider reaching out to the best software testing organizations and getting assistance from their team of skilled professionals. Their guidance will help you plan the process and avoid facing such challenges while developing the application. Likewise, professional software testing services will help you build flawless mobile applications and delight your users with a delightful mobile application experience.  

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