Top Essential Software for Windows 10

windows 10
windows 10

If you’ve just bought a new PC system or installed Windows 10 on your existing system, you’re in for a surprise. While every installation of Windows 10 comes with a wide collection of built-in applications, there are several other essential Windows applications and software. These will advance the functionality of your system and help you gain a structured browsing experience with minimal issues. But a large number of choices can be confusing. So, here’s an easy-to-follow list of the top-performing software and programs for Windows 10

Advanced PC Cleanup: PC Optimizer Software

Advanced PC Cleanup shows users the current state of their PC systems with one scan. This cleanup tool removes junk files from your Windows PC and easily identifies files that need recycling. Moreover, it also shows the amount of storage space that needs freeing up. Advanced PC Cleanup’s official website states that its main functions are:

One-click solution

This will eliminate all malware, adware and viruses to protect the systems against any potential threats.  Issues as PC cleanup will be fixed with one click while also boosting performance.

Scan PC for junk

The scan will reflect the amount of storage space that can be recovered from deleting all unused files, programs and downloads. Also, it will remove personal information saved on the internet browser.

Systweak Antivirus: Antivirus for Windows 10

Malware and computer viruses are known to attack users in unsuspecting ways. Therefore, anti-virus software lays the foundation for basic data protection for your devices. Systweak Antivirus is a top-rated application that will protect your system against malware, viruses, and all other security threats. Additionally, this program protects your information against unauthorized software threatening your operating systems. But you don’t need to worry about malware as many ISPs like Cox Bundles Internet take measures to keep the service secure.

Viruses show themselves in ways like slowing down devices or deleting important files. However, they also reveal themselves in less obvious ways. Running an efficient anti-virus program reduces the risk of malware. Moreover, it frequently scans your system for spyware and any suspicious content.  Systweak Antivirus’ advanced security features include:

Exploit & Malware Protection

Real-Time Protection

Clean Unwanted Startup Items

Audacity: Audio editor for Windows 10

Podcasts and other similar modes of audio entertainment are all the rage these days. Whether you’re looking to start a podcast or advance one already existing, Audacity is the best audio editor for you. But this isn’t just for podcasts. If you dabble in any form of audio creation, this software will assist you. Moreover, it’s free! With such a wide variety of audio tools and editing software, Audacity is gaining popularity today.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home: Disk Cloning Software

Disc cloning software reproduces a computer’s operating system, patches, software, and drives. Additionally, it is used to assess the integrity of your system, clone, and damaged disks, and align partitions. EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a top-rated cloning application that helps users duplicate several systems, so each machine is set up identically. According to the software’s official website, it protects in 4 different ways:

File Backup

System Backup

Disk/Partition Backup

Backup Storage

Moreover, it offers features such as Smart Backup, Flexible Cloud Backup, and System Clone to further assist your device.

VLC Media Player: Video Player

VLC Media Player is a name known to all. It is the most popular and widely used video player in 2021. With easy-to-use features and reliable features, it classifies as one of the most efficient video players for Windows 10. Also, VLC is free of all costs and needs no additional hardware to set up.

ITubeGo: Video Converter

ITubeGo is used to convert videos which then allows users to download entire playlists, channels, videos, and music from YouTube. Moreover, it converts these files to up to 20 formats such as mp3, mp4, m4a, and FLAC. According to the application’s official page, iTubeGO has the following key features.

Download channels and playlists on Youtube with a single click

Reform Youtube videos to MP4, MP3, and other formats

Convert videos and audios without losing the original quality

24×7 customer service

Faster than other similar applications

Turbo fast mode and multithread technology

NordVPN: Virtual private Network for Windows 10

NordVPN is an application tool that values its users’ privacy. Unlike other VPNs, it does not gather, track or share data. Moreover, it does not slow down systems and you can enjoy it without the fear of long periods of buffering. It also 24/7 customer support. NordVPN is available on various software such as Linux, Apple, Windows, Android, and macOS. This VPN is also rated highly because it is relatively transparent. Hence, it doesn’t store session details, used bandwidth, and IP addresses.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor: Photo Editor

Today, Photoshop is everything. All companies, brands, and individuals use this software to manipulate pictures and videos for their own use. Organizations use it to promote consumerism by selling a certain set of ideas such as unblemished faces and perfect bodies. Moreover, several ad campaigns use Adobe Photoshop to add a competitive edge to their campaigns. It’s used by creative professionals, graphic artists, web designers, and developers among other users. Microsoft’s website displays several features that this software offers:

Basics: Straighten, resize, rotate and flip your photos. Also eliminate  red-eye.

One-touch filters: Take your pick from over 15 attractive effects.

Auto-fix: Single-touch adjustments for exposure, brightness and shadows.

The Adobe Noise Reduction Pack reduces unnecessary grain and speckling in your photos.


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