Top 5 Skills to Look for In a Voice-Over Artist

Voice-Over Artist

It is so easy these days not to make up your mind when choosing a voice-over artist, especially since there are so many talents and places to find them. However, knowing where to look doesn’t mean you know what to look for, especially if this is your first time trying to find one. This article will look at 5 qualities that a great voice-over artist should have and will help you find one for your next project.


If you are looking for a great voice-over artist, the best place to begin would be to ascertain how much experience the artist in question has. This doesn’t necessarily mean they must have degrees or qualifications in voice-over acting. It means they must have done a fair amount of voice-over work previously. If you were to go through a voice-over agency, many have demos to listen to. For example, Voquent voice-overs can be found on the artist’s profile, which can be listened to at your convenience, and this also lets you know how much experience the voice-over artist has.

Correct Pacing

Correct pacing is the next quality you should look for in a voice-over artist. Like comedy, timing is everything regarding voice-overs and can make the difference between a genuinely touching advertisement and a failure. The voice-over artist you choose needs to have a great understanding of cadence so that no part of the voice-over sounds rushed. Listen to the demo a few times before deciding since this is the best way to determine if the artist has an understanding of timing. This can also be corrected by giving direction, but you may be looking for a hands-off approach.

Clarity and Pronunciation

It doesn’t matter if the voice-over artist has the most fantastic timing in the world or if they have an outstanding ability to control emotions if you can’t understand what they are saying. Therefore, you should look for a voice-over artist that pronounces each word perfectly but doesn’t over-pronounce. In addition, each line’s clarity should be impeccable to deliver your intended message best.

Range of Emotion

As mentioned above, a great voice-over artist will have excellent control over emotions and should be able to convey a wide range. Remember, unlike actual acting, no one can see the artist’s face, so everything that needs to be conveyed is done vocally. Do you need the artist to sound angry? Sad? Scared? Or all of the above? Being able to convey all emotions will help the audience believe the performance in lengthy character work. If only one tone is needed, say for a 30-second advert, the demos on Voquent are also tagged with a specific tone in mind, so finding the voice you need is quick and easy.


Finally, versatility is the last essential quality you should look for in a voice-over artist. If you are reading this article, you are probably struggling to find a voice-over artist; do you really want to go through the struggle again? To avoid that, finding a voice-over artist that you could use for a wide range of projects would be beneficial in the long run and will also help you create a consistent brand voice in a promotional context. Perhaps you might need them for a television commercial, social media videos, radio advertisements, and more. Instead of finding someone new each time, try to find a versatile voice-over artist you can use for each project.


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