Top 5 Parquet Flooring Styles


Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for flooring in Australia. It’s strong, durable, and classic. But it’s also extremely versatile.

You can choose from many types of wood and finishes. Parquet flooring can also be laid in many ways to fit your property and personal style.

Continue reading to discover the 5 most popular styles in parquet flooring.

1. Herringbone

Herringbone, named after the appearance of a “herring’s bone”, is one of the most common types of parquet flooring. This arrangement consists of several rows of parallel and perpendicular floor panels that create a zigzag effect. You can have the panels in the same colour to create a uniform look, or you can choose to vary the colour slightly for a unique pattern.

2. Double Herringbone

Double Herringbone follows the same process as herringbone but has doubled the number of panels. To create an intricate look, panels are laid in pairs along the length of the Herringbone.

3. Bond Brick

This layout is based on the traditional layout of bricks on buildings. To create a brickwork appearance, panels are arranged in a half-circle. This layout is the simplest in terms of installation, and it also has a modern look.

4. Chevron

In that panels are laid parallel to each other, a chevron arrangement is very similar to a herringbone. This design has a distinctive feature: panels are cut at a 45-degree angle so that they create a V-shape when compared to those laid perpendiculars.

5. Versailles Panels

Versailles Panels are one of the most distinctive styles of parquet flooring. To create a complete flooring section, wooden pieces are placed within a square of four shorter panels. To create an intricate design on the floor, these sections are laid next to each other.

Maintenance And Installation

Professional fitters are recommended for installing parquet flooring. You can DIY it, but you need to be skilled in DIY.

These are some tips for DIY-ers who are highly skilled in installing parquet flooring.

  • Use no nails. You should use a quality urethane-based adhesive with a long work time, of at least 60 minutes. You will be able to easily install floor tiles.
  • It is best to add a layer of polyethylene on concrete slabs
  • You can cut wood pieces with a circular saw or handsaw and then do it on a table. It is safer
  • You must ensure that the subfloor is flat. You might feel the flooring bend under your feet if it has any flex

You don’t need to be concerned about the maintenance of parquet floors. You can vacuum the floor lightly two to three times per week. You won’t even have to lift your finger if you own one of the 2022 vacuuming robots.

It is recommended to mop once per week or every two weeks. It may also depend on what type of finish you have. This guide will show you how to maintain unfinished floors.

A different maintenance schedule might be required for oil- and lacquered wood floors, but not too difficult.

Are You Looking For Another Thing?

Australian Parquet Industries can create bespoke parquet flooring that meets your needs. Our highly skilled team can provide flawless results, no matter if you are looking for classic herringbone patterns or intricate Versailles Panelling. Call us at 02 9533 9577 today for more information.

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