Top 4 Ways to Convert ICO to PNG?


ICO file extensions are image file formats basically used to display a Windows program, file, or folder. These files come in different sizes, color support, and resolution that can be properly depending on their use. The downside of this file format is that it doesn’t support standard programs. Therefore, you need to convert the ICO file into a regular file format, like PNG to represent the file on all programs without any issues. A free ICO to PNG converter by allows you to turn an ICO file into a PNG image without impacting on the quality. Looking for ways to transform your ICO icon files to PNG image format? In the following article, we discuss the 4 best ways to convert ICO to PNG file format.


This online ICO to PNG converter will let you accurately convert ICO to PNG image file by using high-quality internal 2D rendering to make your new converted PNG file for download. This application will be analyzed your ICO file pixel by pixel in order to create the most precise conversion possible. Simply click the “upload file” button, then choose ICO file to upload and get a download link to obtain your PNG file. Your ICO file, once uploaded will be deleted from the server after one hour. You can make conversions from ICO to PNG as quickly as possible, this usually takes less than a minute. You can use this online tool on operating devices without installing additional programs.

Softwareorbit software:

A user-friendly interface of this ICO to PNG converter will be more straightforward to use and self-explanatory. It enables you to convert ICO to PNG image format without any change in the image quality. The conversion process is very simple, you need to add the ICO image that you want to convert and then select the output format such as PNG. Very next, click the save button and choose the folder where you want to keep the converted files. You can also add a watermark before saving your file. The software also supports other file formats including audio, video, spreadsheet, ebook archive, and image formats. Furthermore, you can adjust the size of the file, and the resolution of the image, and also control the quality through options with the assistance of this windows based software.


This free online ICO to PNG converter is particularly designed to export ICO as PNG image format. You can select an ICO file from your storage device or also enter an external URL of the file. Once you select the file, upload it to the converter and click the “Convert” button. After that, download your new converted PNG files with dimensions ranging from 16×16 up to 256×256. Keep in mind that the converter only accepts files therefore make sure the correct images. This online application also provides other compatible file formats to make online conversions. You can use it freely and there are no restrictions or limitations to performing conversions.


A simple and accurate online web-based program provides a free online ICO to PNG converter that allows you to save ICO as PNG images without distorting the image quality. You do not need to install additional software to proceed with the conversions. The conversion process is very simple and anyone can do it swiftly. Quiet worrying about your file’s privacy since your files are removed from the server at once. You can also make batch conversions from this online converter. The best thing about this online application is that it supports all operating devices that have support modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.


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