Top 3 Practices to Follow While Designing Custom Table Covers


There’s a high chance that table clothes are often considered professional table covers. Even though the primary purpose of the table covers is to cover the table and protect it from possible damages, things get a little more complicated for the professional table covers. Table covers are designed to fulfill both practical and decorative purposes. However, some table covers are made of thin or low-quality materials that cannot be reused a couple of times. But professional table covers are made of durable and high-quality materials. Therefore, you can use them as long as you want. 

The professional table covers are used as advertising or promotional medium. High-quality professional table covers will last for years, especially if you take proper care of them. They won’t fade and show any signs of damage with good care. Eye-catching custom table covers will undoubtedly help you promote your business. 

But the effectiveness of custom table covers is highly dependent on the design. With proper designing techniques, your table covers will help your business to thrive. But wring design will catch negative attention. Here are the top 3 practices you should follow while designing custom table covers.  

Clarify What Type of Custom Table Cover Your Business Need

Custom table covers are available in different sizes and styles. Before you start choosing, make sure you determine how you will use the table covers for your business. Do you want the covers to drape? Or do you prefer the traditional table covers? Where will you print the brand logo or brand image? Do you need to focus more on the sides, front, or top? Do you need to use the custom table covers to protect the table from spillage? 

Choose the Perfect Size for Your Table Covers

Selecting the proper size for your table covers is essential as the presentation will say a lot about your business. If you design table covers that are either too small or too large, you might damage your company’s visibility at outdoor events and trade shows. As per LinkedIn, visibility is vital for a business. If you don’t know which table covers will work best for the table, it’s advised to choose 6 feet table covers as the default option. 

You can also measure the size of the table so that you can order the perfect custom table covers. Many business owners choose table covers or irrelevant sizes and end up damaging the company’s reputation. 

Make Sure You Take Proper Care for Your Custom Table Covers 

Taking proper care of your custom table cover is undoubtedly extremely important. This will help you ensure that your table covers will last for years and you get a decent return on investment from them. Ensure you follow the appropriate cleaning and washing process for your custom table covers. If you see minor stains, use water and soap to remove them. You can also go through an air-dry process to preserve the color and graphics. Make sure you don’t dry clean your custom table covers. 


These are the top 3 practices to follow while designing your custom table covers. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment down below. 


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