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Nowadays in a world full of technological products artificial intelligence plays a vast role in the day to day life of individuals. From cell phones to computers everything consists of artificial intelligence. Actually, the artificial intelligence concept was found in the classical ages under Greek mythology the concept of machines and mechanical men was well thought of from which one example is Talos which was a giant animated bronze warrior who was programmed to guard the island of Crete.

Then for the first time in 1950, it was thought that there could be something that can be a machine but could have its own brain. Alan Turing published a paper in 1950 itself in which he speculated about the possibility of creating machines that think, he also noted that thinking is difficult to define.

Why has AI become more important?

Artificial intelligence plays a very key role; it makes our day-to-day life very easy for example every Android cell phone has Google assistant which is artificial intelligence itself. It helps in following some commands like we can call someone without touching our phone and many other things too.

Nowadays artificial intelligence is also being used in making robots that are being tested. Actually, artificial intelligence denotes that if a machine can carry out a conversation that is indistinguishable from a conversation with a human being then it is reasonable to say that the machine is thinking which will pass the trusting test. But till now we don’t have any machine which has passed the Turing test but hopefully in the near future a fully capable artificial intelligence would be developed which can help us to complete our work in much ease.

Why are AI interviews important?

Now let’s come towards the part of those people who want to make their career in developing our constructing artificial intelligence. So Artificial intelligence Certification can be a great platform for the youngsters trying to test their intelligence on machines to make them speak and to make them talk like real human beings which is really a difficult as well as a very enjoyable task for those who want to choose it as a career.

 Now moving towards the questions and answers that could be probably asked in interviews to those who want to pursue their career in artificial intelligence. The first question would be what is artificial intelligence? So, everyone could feel that it would be a silly or easy question but it has a deep meaning inside it which is artificial intelligence is an area of technology that highlights the production of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

Which can also be derived from the capability of a machine to intimate intelligent human behavior. So in short artificial intelligence is a machine that is created by humans who can think and act like a human beings. The next question can be what are the different types of artificial intelligence?

So, actually, not all artificial intelligence that are to be discussed are used. It is just a theoretical assumption on it so basically there are 7 types of main artificial intelligence which are reactive machines AI, limited memory AI, theory minds AI, self-aware AI, artificial narrow intelligence and artificial general intelligence.

The next question is to explain the importance of machine learning. So, machine learning is the study to make computers act by giving them data by helping them learn some tricks on their own without being programmed to do so.

The next one is how is machine learning related to artificial intelligence? Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence; it is the way of getting computers to act by giving them data and letting them learn a few techniques of their own Without being programmed to do so.


So, as artificial intelligence provides by Sprintzeal a great advantage and benefits our day-to-day life studying artificial intelligence and getting a chance to develop such machines which could talk like humans is a golden opportunity for those who are interested in AI.

The inquiries and answers are very simple when contrasted with different tests so it is feasible to qualify and land the amazing position people from my viewpoint everyone who is interested should go for artificial intelligence program because it doesn’t only has a reputation in India it has its high reputation and salary all over the globe so it is something extraordinary to buckle down for which can charge the point of view of the entire world.

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