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Tom Corton

Tom Corton Bio: There are a lot of people who have a super interest in politics and they just spend their spare time watching old documentaries related to their favorite politicians. Plus there are also some fans of military officers who do the same about their crushes. Military officers have a whole vibe.

They have such an amazing personality that impresses and attracts every person. Especially the girls. In this article, we will be talking about Tom Corton who is a politician as well as military. All the important details and fascinating facts are described below.

Tom Corton:

Tom Corton is an American middle-aged man who is a politician by profession. He joined politics after retiring from the military. He was fond of both professions. Since childhood, Tom wanted to join the military and he did. But later he got his interest in politics. He waited for his retirement to join politics. Below is the biodata about him.

Tom Corton Biography:

His name is Tom Corton and this multi-talented man was born in the United States on 13th May 1977.

Tom Corton Age:

Tom is a 45 years old mid-aged man who first served in the army and now he is playing his role in politics. It is very rare that a person who retired from the military joins politics. But Tom Corton has done it and he has served his duties very well and better than many others.

Physical appearance:

Well if we talk about his physical appearance then he doesn’t look old from his appearance. You won’t be able to judge that he is 45 years old. Being an army officer he has maintained a perfect slim-fit figure that made his personality attractive. Tom Corton stands 5 feet and 5 inches tall. You must wonder to know his weight. Tom is only 60kg. yes, you heard right.


This is very interesting information related to him. Many people want to know he was in the military and now in politics and how that happened. The answer is that Tom has kept this secret in a nutshell.

But the authentic information about his education is that he graduated or completed his higher education from a very well-known institute in the US that is Harvard University. If he is from Harvard then it is very clear that he is well educated.


Tom Corton is from Arkansas,United States.  You guys are very well known for the fact that famous celebrities and politicians don’t like sharing details about their families due to threat issues. The same is the case with Tom. He has never mentioned anything about his siblings and mom and dad. We don’t have any authentic details about them.

Tom’s wife:

Many people must or must not know about his love life. Well, it’s not possible that a 45 years old man isn’t married yet. He is married. He got married back in 2014. That was a love marriage. Tom Corton dated her for many months and then finally got married to the love of her life Anna Peckham. They are happily living together.


After marrying Anna Tom was very happy they both shared a very beautiful bond together. It’s been 8 years since they were married. Now they have 2 kids. We don’t know about their names or anything but they must be 6-7 years old.

Net worth:

Tom Corton was in the military and you know the US government pays a lot to their soldiers. He must have a healthy bank balance. Then he joined politics and you know very well about politics and its income. So you can estimate his income since he has served in the professions. As per the estimate, his net worth is almost 1 million dollars.


In this article, we have talked about a very well-educated and sophisticated politician as well as former military officer Tom Corton. Hope you like it.

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