Tips to style a fun-looking kids’ room

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Styling the kid’s room requires so many things to be considered. A kid’s room should be a fun experience for your little one to learn and grow simultaneously. Designing a room that serves both purposes of learning and living peacefully is a challenging task. Kids have a unique taste in interiors depending on their favorite fiction and incorporating a theme inspired by that fiction is an effort-taking task. However, this does not mean that the functionality of the room should be compromised. For your benefit, here are a few exciting tips that can be used to make your kid’s room a fun experience. 


  1. Define work and play area Ensure that a kid’s room has separate work and play area so that your child stays organized. A good work area should have a study or a computer table near the window to ensure plenty of natural light whereas the playing area should have enough space to perform fun activities and storage to keep your child’s video games, toys, and, game boards. 


  1. Select a vibrant color palette- To spruce up your kid’s room, vibrant colors play a vital role. Choose colors that create a youthful and light vibe for the space. Don’t forget to use your child’s favorite colors. Incorporate colorful bedsheets, rugs, and curtains to add an element of fun and positivity. Some good shades for a bedroom are yellow, blue, pink, green, etc. 


  1. Incorporate playful furniture Ordinary furniture is not for kids’ rooms. To add excitement to your child’s room, you need to introduce funky furniture to the room. Some of the best furniture pieces that you should consider buying are bunk beds, gaming chairs, indoor swings, chalkboards, etc. Such furniture will ensure that your little one never feels bored in his or her room.


  1. Elevate the walls creatively- The walls of your child’s room should be full of creativity so that the room never feels monotonous. A good idea to make the walls creative is to imprint a wall map on them or go for a joyous wallpaper. You can also use playful patterns and textures to elevate the look of the walls. You can also go for a chalkboard wall that will not only style the room but also trigger learning.


  1. Go with a theme- Most of the kids have their favorite fictional characters. Often, they like to buy goodies that are inspired by that character. To make your child feel special make sure to design the room according to a theme that is inspired by their favorite fiction. Children love to dwell in their dreamy world and making that dreamland a reality is the best way to style their room.


As many styling hacks you use to make your kid’s room feel vibrant, never forget to leave room for upgrading. Kids are in a constant growing process therefore, what may look perfect for their room now might not be functional for them after a few years. Make sure that the existing interior is such that it can be changed according to your child’s age. Kids love to color, but choosing the right one can be tricky. Sure, your little one may adore all things hot pink now, but that doesn’t mean they will later, and the thought of repainting the entire room in just a few short years is enough to give anyone color commitment issues.

Incorporate Pattern and Texture

Gender-neutral, monochrome kids’ room Winter and Daisy Wondering what makes the kids’ rooms you see on Pinterest look so, well, Pin-worthy? Careful use of pattern and texture likely has a lot to do with it.

The beautiful and yet often-neglected stepsisters of color, these important decorating tools are a professional designer’s secret weapon and can take a room from blah to breathtaking with just a few added elements.

This beautiful black-and-white nursery from Winter and Daisy is a perfect example, using a power combo of rich, textural layers and bold, graphic patterns to create a well-balanced and visually interesting space without any color at all.


Looking for a long-term solution?


This bright and cheery kid’s room by Studio DIY offers a clever compromise by introducing a rainbow of colorful accessories into a clean, neutral setting that can be easily updated when your kiddo is ready for a new look.




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