Tips to Make with Children or Together with Toddlers


Cooking with children

Preparation and safety are key. If you handle it a bit conveniently, it also saves a lot of clutter. For example, we always put on a kitchen apron and leave her on a stool. In the beginning, she did not dare to climb from here. rae dunn coffee mugs that was very nice. I prepare the ingredients and kitchen materials as much as possible before we start.

The advantage of having it helped in the kitchen is that she knows what she is eating. And it will continue to go just as well with food in the future. Of course, it also varies greatly here in the house what she does/does not eat. We let her taste everything and can then choose how much she eats.

And of course, don’t forget; tasting and licking are part of it. One time it’s about licking the dough batter and the next time a leaf of spinach.

Your toddler or preschooler can do this too!

When she was one and a half we started to help out in the kitchen. There are a number of actions that she can perform perfectly well. Just think about;

Scooping a powder into a bowl, for example, from the scale.

Turn on the food processor by pressing/turning a button.

With a whisk, some beating through a bowl, you will have to beat yourself.

Emptying a cup of water into a

Protruding cookie tins/rolls of croissant dough.

Practice cutting soft materials with a plastic knife

There are also a number of actions that I prefer not to let her do. For example, she should not come near the oven. It’s ‘au, hot’. I let her feel this once while warming up, of course without her hands burning. Then she also knows why we don’t want that. With the fire, she is only allowed if I am behind it, and then I put the pans on the back burners, and then (temporarily) the pan where she can stir in front.

Recipes to make with children

What kind of dishes are suitable to make together with your child;

Peppernuts, biscuits or speculaas


Decorating cakes

Spaghetti necklaces

Mixing a smoothie


A hair salon is easy to make yourself and the recipes can vary endlessly. The base is mainly potato, lettuce, raw vegetables, and sauce and you can supplement this with gyro meat, shawarma, (pulled) chicken, or vegetarian. The potatoes can be sliced, baked, or fried. You can use ready-made fries from a bag or you can have potatoes cut into fries yourself. You can also cut sweet potato into fries. These can be prepared in the oven, fryer, or air fryer.

The salad can consist of (iceberg) lettuce, cucumber, onions, peppers, and tomato. As a sauce, you can dilute some mayonnaise with yogurt and mix it with fresh chives. With a chicken breast, it is also nice to make a honey-mustard sauce with it. And the hairdressing salon can be served with grated cheese.


Pizza is also quite easy to make my children. The soil is available ready-made and there is also a choice of a regular bottom or a vegetable bottom with a crazy color. Kneading the dough yourself is also a breeze for small children’s hands. If you choose to make the dough yourself, stick to the rule of thumb. Children have a small stomachs, there is not much in it.

The dough is already powerful, and after everything else that is invested on it, the volume will of course only increase. The rule of thumb is that after kneading the dough into portions, make a ball of dough the size of your fist. Roll this out well and top it with vegetables. This way you get a nice manageable pizza size in front of you.

As a bottom, you can also choose to use pita bread. These are also often beautiful child-friendly sizes and ideal for investing because they are beautiful flat round discs. Top your pizza in the shape of a face, an animal, a monster or a flour and only use ingredients that you like. Just in the oven, or if you have a pita bread in the frying pan! Also ideal as a holiday activity on a campsite by the way….

Wrap cake

Wraps are very versatile in recipes. Cold, hot, rolled up, filled, you can go in all directions with it. With this recipe you need children who like to play with blocks, because here you are going to stack a lot. You line a round baking dish with a first wrap and there comes a sauce that you have prepared in a pan or wok. In the sauce are only vegetables that you like, an onion, garlic, bell pepper, zucchini, tomato.

If you are not such a fan of zucchini, you leave it out and replace it with something you do like, for example, a can of crispy corn kernels. Spoon a gravy spoon of sauce into the middle of the wrap and spread with the bottom of the spoon over the entire surface. If necessary, supplement with grated cheese or mozzarella balls and pine nuts. The next wrap can now be lightly pressed on it and so you continue to stack until everything is finished, finish with a layer of sauce.

Now the cake can go into the oven, you will have some help with this, because the dish will now feel quite heavy and the oven has become hot in the meantime. While waiting for the cake to be ready you can make a salad if you still have puff, but you can also play again and build towers with your blocks.

Spaghetti cupcakes

A super fun way to eat a plate of pasta are these funny cupcakes of spaghetti strings. The sauce can also be made yourself. Use only fresh ingredients and grind it into a smooth sauce after preparation with a hand blender or food processor. You can immediately mix this sauce with the cooked spaghetti, giving it a beautiful red-orange color. Then fill the molds of your muffin baking tin with heaps of pasta. Insert another twisted zucchini as a kind of flour and bake them in the preheated oven.

To experiment even further with this recipe, you can also make strings of sweet potato or zucchini, or eggplant, or (winter) carrots So you also get different colored containers. The strings give the tray a kind of bird’s nest appearance. Nice to serve this at an Easter brunch for an extra spring feeling.


Not everyone is a fish lover. Children also prefer to let fish swim, unless the fish wears a crispy jacket. If you still want to eat sushi, let the children help out in the kitchen and prepare a bowl for themselves. Knead balls of rice tightly together and top them with beautiful colored pieces of fruit or slices of cucumber.

Make sweet wrap rolls with strawberry or pieces of banana and spread the wrap with a little chocolate paste. By brightening up the rice along the sides with colored sprinkles you have delicious festive sushi snacks without those nasty pieces of fish. That’s going to be a treat. And how are you going to eat them, with or without chopsticks?

Sweet potato curry with chickpeas

This creamy curry is fine to make with the help of children. Put them to work in as many actions as possible. Cleaning, washing and cutting the vegetables. Mixing the chickpeas with the herbs. Making the flavorful topping of yogurt lime and coriander. Crumbling the stock cubes. There are many actions that you can best be helped with by your small cooking assistant (s). Also, leave the children free to taste some vegetables in between, even if it is still raw. As long as it is cleanly washed, this does not hurt to find out what the taste of all these products is.

Traybake with salmon

A traybake sounds super hip and chic, of course, but it’s nothing more than filling a baking sheet. Wash potatoes and cut into slices, cubes or fries. Wash and cut different vegetables and fill the plate with these healthy products. Here and there a salmon nut and some herbs over it. Then comes the hardest part; wait. Waiting for the oven to be ready and squeaking to say the food is ready. To shorten the waiting time for your feeling, you could already set the table nicely. As soon as you hear the beep, you can immediately attack.

The best applesauce

Applesauce often makes a mash easier for children to get rid of. Let them make that applesauce themselves. A job that even a toddler or preschooler can help with. Cut the apples into small wedges and let them simmer in a small layer of water. Add a pinch of cinnamon and maybe mix extra smooth with a hand blender. Delicious with the meal and extra tasty because you have done it yourself. Do you have anything left? Pour it into a well-sealed jar and store it in the fridge so that you can enjoy tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

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Vegetable soup

When making a fresh pan of soup, you can make it easy for yourself by using a bag of pre-cut vegetables. but you can also get all kinds of different types of vegetables at home and wash and cut them yourself. Yes, but that’s a lot of work! I hear you sigh. True, but if you can get help in the kitchen, tasks can be divided and this will lighten your work. Much nicer also to stand together in the kitchen. Soup is often a dish for Sunday.

I like to make a huge large pan so that we can also enjoy it for two days afterward. When washing and cutting, children can help just fine. Drain the water in a measuring cup and pour into the pan, crumble stock cubes above the soup, knead and roll meatballs into marble-sized balls and finally break some vermicelli above the pan. Many actions that children can easily perform. Let them stir the soup well in between, and let them taste carefully, blow well of course and wait a while before you put the spoon in your mouth.

Is the soup salty enough or can a little more be added? Could there be a pinch of pepper in it or some fresh parsley? And while the soup is slowly coming to taste, there may still be time and desire to bake some sandwiches together, or a homemade salad for the sandwich, or bake soup stalks. You can fill a good Sunday afternoon with this.

Above all, give space and freedom to experiment. The chef is the boss, no matter how old or how young this chef is. Make it a cozy moment in the kitchen and do not be too afraid of small accidents. Usually, this is counterproductive. The more afraid you are, the faster an accident will occur. Stay on your guard and nearby, but in the background, and let your little cooking assistant give the proud feeling that he or she has cooked himself or herself and enjoy the delicious meal together.

Getting started with pizza dough

Simple, but delicious for in between meals or for example at a brunch: pizza stalks! Or how about a mini pizza or pizza cones. You can find these delicious recipes at Tante Fanny. You can of course make mini pizzas very well with any ready-made pizza dough or you can of course make them yourself. Cut squares or circles of the dough and give each child one or more pieces of dough, which they can invest to their heart’s content.

So they all have exactly the pizzas they like! Of course you start by smearing the bottom with tomato paste and the next step is often grated cheese. And then what? Think of mushrooms, bell pepper, pineapple, banana, strips of ham or salami, ham cubes, onion rings or why not an egg or shawarma. And do you want to do it all fun: why not make a face on your pizza?

Fruit chips

Fond of chips: what child isn’t? But chips are simply less healthy. So fruit chips are a better idea. After all, a healthy snack: fruit chips! And why not make that together? You can use several types of fruit for this. And for the taste, that is also a nice change.

Fruits that you could use are (but maybe you also have tasty ideas):






Preheat your oven to 100 degrees. You peel the fruit into very thin slices. The thinner the better. That may be difficult for your child to do. But he or she can help with the sprinkling of the fruit. With an apple and a pear, cinnamon powder tastes very good. A strawberry or banana is often sweet in itself, so it may also be so natural. Although banana with cinnamon is also tasty.

Just try out what you like! To prevent discoloration, you could use lemon juice with the fruit. You do all this most conveniently by putting the fruit in a bowl and then mixing it with the cinnamon and possibly the lemon juice. Of course, strawberries and banana are too soft to mix like this. This type of fruit is better just sprinkled with the cinnamon and lemon juice. Well on both sides! Then you put the fruit on the baking sheet. Make sure they are not overlaid on top of each other.

In about 90 minutes you bake it crispy in the oven. But that is also a matter of taste, because there are also people who put them in the oven for two hours. So try it out for yourself what you like best. In addition, it can also be different per fruit type what you like best! Remember that hard fruits often take longer than soft ones, such as a peach or a strawberry.

Banana pancakes

A tasty variation on the regular pancake and also simple to make: banana pancakes. Of course, there are also various variants to be found here. Here are a few variations.


1 banana

1 egg, possibly to taste 2 eggs

3 tablespoons oatmeal

Mash the banana, mash the egg through and mix it with the oatmeal. Then bake in the frying pan. It couldn’t be simpler, right?

If you want a little more flavor, you can go for more variety in the filling. Or choose a tasty topping. Coconut grater and blueberries, for example, as a topping, or go for banana pancakes with walnuts or pecans.

A nice layer of the casserole

A delicious dish from the oven with cheese, minced meat, potato, and tomatoes. Many children like dishes with a cheese layer, so that is often fine. It does look a bit like lasagna, but it simply consists of potatoes instead of pasta. You can find this delicious recipe at Machteld of culinary baggage.

The dish is filled per layer: fun to do for the children. Because the last cheese goes over it, the dish looks suspiciously like lasagna, which of course is actually nothing but a layered dish. Pay attention, because the cheese is only sprinkled over the dish if it has been in the oven for a long time!

Baking a cake but which one?

Baking a delicious cake is of course not said to deaf ears if you want to do something with your child in the kitchen. But why would you bake a regular cake very boringly when you can also make it more exciting? How about a zebra cake? A cake where the stripes of the zebra can be seen? By mixing part of the batter with cocoa you get two colors of batter. By creating these colors around and around in the shape, the zebra pattern is created automatically! Simple and fun to do!

Another nice variant is making a rolled cake. Of course, this only becomes really fun when you have two different colors of batter. This can be achieved as with the above idea: one half just ‘natural’ batter and the other you mix with cocoa. But how about a flashy whole by making the red batter of a velvet cake? By layering the red and white parts on top of each other and then rolling it up, you get a beautiful looking cake. And red? That alone is very flashy! This English recipe will help you further!


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