Tips for having a healthy pregnancy


Preparing for and getting pregnant can be compared to preparing for, and then taking the exam. It works best when you go in with preparation, the time is tough, but gratifying.

Of course, it can also happen that you get accidentally pregnant, in which case your first instinct should not be to panic, but prepare, nonetheless.

It is therefore suggested that women who are sexually active and of the childbearing age take a special care of themselves.

Essentially, when you are going in with preparation, you are better aware of your health. You take preemptive steps to cater to the health of the baby and yourself. Visiting the Best Gynecologist in Islamabad can help you cater to the different nuances of having a healthy pregnancy.

This is just one aspect of having a healthy pregnancy. Other factors include:

Doctor appointments

It is pertinent that you don’t miss out on your appointments. Your doctor keeps track of not just the baby’s health, but yours as well. It allows for the doctor to catch any concerning factors just in time.

Eating well

Diet during pregnancy is pertinent. Some women think that eating for two literally means eating twice as much, however, that’s not exactly true; add around 500 calories to your diet but don’t go overboard.

Moreover, try to eat healthy. Get plenty of fruits and vegetables, but make sure they are cleaned properly. Try to cut back on sugary and processed foods, as they offer less nutrients and more calories.

Some foods are not safe for pregnant women, including partially or uncooked food like sushi, mayonnaise. Similarly, they should also steer clear of fish with high mercury content, junk food, liver, unpasteurized milk, and juices, alongside caffeine.

Folic acid

Folic acid is required by women before getting pregnant and during the first few months of pregnancy. It is required to prevent neural tube defects in the baby, and conditions like spina bifida.

While you can get folic acid from diet, most women are suggested that they take supplements for it.

Prenatal vitamins

While the best source of nutrition is your diet, most of us don’t have a healthy and holistic diet. So, it is recommended that women who are pregnant take prenatal vitamins that cater to the heightened need for certain nutrients that are required by the baby and the mother alike.

Lifestyle choices

When you get pregnant, you need to give up on lifestyle choices that might harm the baby. The most important perhaps is giving up on drinking and smoking, as both have a grave impact on the health of the baby.

Similarly, it is important that you stop your exposure to chemicals that might harm the help of the baby. It is also recommended that if you have a cat, you avoid changing the litter box due to the risk of toxoplasmosis.

Healthy Weight Gain

Gaining weight in a healthy way When you’re pregnant, being overweight or obese is connected to a number of health issues that can harm both you and your baby, including stillbirth or preterm birth, birth abnormalities, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and depression. Being extremely overweight can have an impact on your capacity to nurse and your ability to give birth. Overweight ladies will require special attention during pregnancy and delivery.

Physical activity

Many women think just because they are pregnant, they are to limit their activity, and be super careful with their movement. Remember, you are pregnant, not a bomb that will detonate with slightest motion.

Being active is actually helpful during pregnancy. Of course, you should not do high intensity exercise, but be physically active otherwise. Prenatal yoga is an excellent option.

Being active is actually helpful during pregnancy. But on the other hand, you should outsource high intensity house chores and activities to the professionals until your pregnancy. If you’ve more children in the house, it can be good to have a caretaker or have in home respite care in case you have an aged family member.

This will let you have more mindful and better physical practices that won’t let you down in the weeds with issues.

Time before conceiving

Your journey of a healthy pregnancy begins before getting pregnant. But a challenge to overcome at this point is getting pregnant. If you were taking hormonal contraceptives, it may take some time for your cycle to become regular.

Tracking your cycle is also helpful in improving your chances of getting pregnant. At this point, try to give up on smoking and drinking as well.

If you are having trouble with conceiving, you can also benefit from consulting the Best Gynecologist in Lahore.


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