Things To Keep in Mind Before Hiring Foreign Talent In Germany


A company is defined by its employees, and your employees can make or break your business. With the help of remote offices, organizations can look for talent from all around the world. Whether you have an online or an offline workplace, expanding your hiring pool can help you find better talent. It can also help your business reach a wider audience, and increase your company’s diversity.

However, several challenges accompany this process. When you are hiring from all over the world, there can be cultural differences and language barriers that come into play. You should keep the following tips in mind while hiring foreign talent into your organization.


There is a lot of documentation to go through while hiring foreign employees. The first step would be to get your employees a work visa. Your organization should sponsor these visas, and this process can take time. Your employees should have a  professional or university degree that is recognised to get the entry visa, especially for those who are not citizens of the EU. 

EU and EFTA citizens can work in Germany without a visa, but if your hires are from other countries, they will need a visa or a residency permit. The Federal Employment Agency’s clearance and proof of a formal employment contract are necessary to get a visa for employment-related purposes.

Address Their Needs

Moving to another country can be challenging for your employees, so you should try your best to ease this process. Your company should reassure them about their concerns and other legal data. 

One big problem your employees will face is finding a good place to stay. They might not be familiar with German terms like Schufa, which could be needed for finding apartments. Your organization should ensure that your hires have a comfortable place to stay once they begin working. The corporate housing system that you set up should cover their basic needs. Find a corporate housing partner to help you ease out the whole renting out process, that will be beneficial for both you and your employee. It is important that you help them with the paperwork, which can be confusing for non-native employees.

Test Their Skills

You should have a clear idea of how long you are hiring for and where the job posting will be before the interviewing process. Interview and test the potential candidates you have. There might be a lot of applications if you are opening it up worldwide, so be clear on the skills you require. 

You should also keep an open mind as international resumes can differ significantly from those of domestic applicants. You can conduct interviews through online platforms like Skype or Zoom. Remember to schedule these calls with respect to your candidates’ time zone, so it doesn’t inconvenience them. You should also go through their previous work experience to get an idea about their talents.

Different Cultures

Keep in mind that workflow and hiring procedures can vary greatly in other regions. For example, your employees might be used to different timings and number of work days.

You can find yourself recruiting and hiring foreign workers who are very different from the rest of your team. Your employees will be more at ease if you are open and non-judgmental. In your job posting, be specific about the qualifications you’re looking for and be upfront with your potential candidates. This can avoid confusion later. 

Take Legal Aid

You should educate your employees on laws they should be aware of. Your company should outline the business, legal, and tax rules before hiring people from different countries. You can take legal aid for this process. Having experienced professionals to guide them through confusing paperwork can be reassuring for your employees as well.


Other than the points mentioned above, your organization should also help in integrating your new hires into the company and the country. This fosters a positive work environment and increases the employer’s appeal to other international job candidates. Relocation assistance is a great recruiting tool for international hires as well. 

The most essential thing to keep in mind while employing foreign talent is to provide them with the most comfortable experience that you can offer. Encourage your hires to come to you if they have any problems, and try to solve them to the best of your efforts. This can create an empowering environment for them to work. By helping improve employee satisfaction, your business can reap better profits.

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