Things to consider while buying a domain

Buying a Domain

When choosing a domain name, it’s necessary to help customers think of more than just a web address. Years from now, a brand’s domain name will serve as its rock solid foundation. In order to be sure a domain name will serve a client’s demands in the long term, research should be done before registration.

We’ve put together this list of items to keep in mind prior to making a domain name purchase. Read here for your convenience!

  • Keep an eye out for hidden costs.

Price is an important consideration when making a buying choice, as it is with any other. Buying a domain for a very cheap price is an easy trap to fall into. Several domain registrars provide special pricing at a cheap cost, but then conceal a lot of costs in the agreement, trap you in, and cost you a lot more for renewal. Do your research to be sure that the domain name registration company you choose doesn’t have any unethical business practices.

  • Protect your data

To protect their personal data, many companies prefer to hide their WHOIS and RDAP records from the general public. Spammers and scam artists can easily steal unprotected data. Seek for domain registrars that provide privacy protection as part of the service. In particular, be careful of “privacy service” providers that offer to place their own information on registry records instead of yours, therefore giving them control of your domain name.

Some registrars don’t secure your information on public records and sell it to marketing firms. Your customer data should never be sold or misused for marketing reasons by a registrant.

  • Concentrate on transparency

Go for registrars who are open and honest about their costs and procedures. You should be able to quickly access information such as your renewal prices, as well as the procedures for transferring or cancelling your domain registration. There are certain domain registrars who provide inexpensive registration for the first year, but then start charging you high renewals the next year. Cancellation of your purchase may also be difficult if not impossible. In order to prevent unpleasant surprises down the road, choose a registrar that provides clear price information and contract terms.

  • Differentiate customer service from sales.

When it comes to customer service, several registrars don’t have any. Instead, they use salesmen who are taught to pressure customers into buying extra services they don’t need. Before making a purchase, do some research on the customer service provided by the registrar’s support staff or give them a call. Your goal is to work with a registrar that treats you with respect and professionalism instead of treating you like a cash register.

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  • The shorter the better

Shortening a domain name makes it much easier to remember. Many users will have to remember and accurately type all of the domain’s words if there are many words in its name. Although there aren’t a lot of one-word domain names accessible right now, we’re going to go over an important technique that you can use to get a short domain name.

  • Check out the competition

Examine the domain names of companies that are rivals or leaders in the sectors of your clients. Keep track of every keywords they use and the extension of their domain, which is anything that comes after the dot.   For a customer who owns a bicycle business, the most probable domain names would contain some kind of the word “bike.”

  • Keep a look on social media handles

Take a quick look to check whether the handle you’ve come up with for your brilliant new concept has already been registered on one of the many social media networks. A strong brand can be built by making a client’s domain name and social network handles match. You’ll have a better chance of attracting new clients if you’re more open about what you’ve been up to.

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