The Tenant Consent Guide in a Rental Lease Agreement

Rental Lease Agreement

A rental lease agreement is a legally binding agreement entered into on a date by and between a landlord and tenant. This Agreement becomes effective on the date of signing. Find out about some of the top things that a tenant gives his / her consent to while entering into such a contract.

Terms of Agreement of a Tenant

  • Tenant agrees to pay all utilities, except for electricity, which is included in the rent.
  • Tenant agrees to keep the premises clean and in good condition at all times during their occupancy of the premises, including removing all trash regularly and keeping any pets on a leash when outside. If a pet causes damage to the premises or damages any other person’s property, tenant will be responsible for paying for repairs or replacement costs out of pocket before receiving any reimbursement from insurance coverage (if applicable).
  • Tenant agrees not to make any alterations or modifications to the premises without landlord’s prior written consent; if tenant does make such changes without consent from landlord, then landlord may treat them as “abandonment” and terminate the agreement immediately with no further obligation on either side.

Generally, a Texas lease agreement contains many such terms and conditions and a tenant need to agree to all of those if he has to reside in that property. If he is not okay with one or more terms, he can look for some other rental property that has more suitable terms for him.

What are the Important Terms in a Rental Agreement?

The document that is intended to serve as a Rental Property Leasing Agreement (“Agreement”) between the parties governs the rights and obligations of each party, relating to the subject matter.

The term “Party” means any person or entity that is a party to this Agreement.

The term “Landlord” means the owner of the property described herein.

The term “Tenant” means the tenant who has entered into this agreement with Landlord.

The term “Lease Term” means the period of time from the date of execution of this Agreement until the expiration of the lease term.

The term “Base Rent” means the rent payable by Tenant under this Agreement for the first year of the Lease Term. This is the website to know more about Landlord/ tenant laws in Texas.

How Does a Rental Agreement Typically Go?

The agreement is entered into by, and between, a tenant and a landlord, each a party hereto.

  1. The landlord agrees to rent to the tenant, and the tenant agrees to rent from the landlord, the premises located at a specific address. This property is described in a proper way.
  2. The tenant is responsible for paying rental payments on the first day of each month in advance of said date. The rent is payable in a certain amount.
  3. The monthly rent shall be a specific amount, which will be paid by a specific mode or method of payment. Generally, a clause is mentioned that if any part of a rental payment is not received by the seventh or tenth day after it is due, the landlord may terminate the contract without notice or demand in writing to pay any balance due under this contract.