The Importance of Overnight Airport Parking


If you are going on a short trip, then overnight parking near PHL are one of the most important aspects of traveling. It is convenient and it allows you to go on your trip, knowing your vehicle is in a secure location. Most airports have several garages to leave the car and you can also pay in many ways. The maximum time that a vehicle can be left is usually 45 days. Some airports offer reduced rates to park in more premium lots or offer parking-in-place vouchers, after many long-term lots closed due to low passenger demand.

Directly to Parking Garage

If you are traveling to and from the Philadelphia (PHL) airport, you can make it convenient for yourself by opting for airport parking. When you embark from the aircraft after returning home, you will head to baggage claim, grab your bag(s) and go directly to the parking garage. Many travelers do not choose this option. Instead, they rely on Uber, family or friends to pick them up or a taxi cab. In all these instances, there is a waiting period. With your car in a parking garage, it gives you a better option without the long wait period. Your longest wait would be at the baggage claim.

Short Term and Long Term

Most airports have two parking garages: long-term and short-term. Each parking garage serves its different terminals. For example, short-term parking may allow passengers to have access to several terminals. There are always signs that steer you in the right direction.

Vehicle Location

Remember when you park your vehicle at the airport, you should remember exactly where you are parked. You don’t want to return from your trip and don’t remember where the vehicle is located. This happens all the time. If you think that you will forget, write it down. You don’t want to panic if you cannot find your vehicle. Each airport parking space is numbered so that you can know where to find your parked vehicle. Some airport parking garages also offer different levels, up or down.

The Charges

You will be charged a daily rate to secure your vehicle. The maximum charge per day is usually $17, but it also depends on the airport. Find out if the airport offers overnight parking and for how much or if your vehicle will be towed after a certain period. Usually, you get a ticket as you enter the parking garage. Upon returning, you hand that ticket to the parking attendant who will let you know the cost. However, you can figure it out because the airport generally has a price board that is quite visible.


Traveling is not a science, but a process. You will know what to expect once you do your research and plan ahead. You can start by looking into overnight airport parking, the fees, the length of time, and any other information that will improve your experience.


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