As a product that will remain in close contact with your skin during every use, material safety is our highest possible top priority. We utilize just the best quality platinum silicone– the very same kind of silicone that is used in medical treatments and Hollywood flick prosthetics.<br>

The silicone utilized to make our masks is accredited by an independent research laboratory and has actually been confirmed risk-free for irritation and also skin sensitization. Our masks are extremely soft, solid, and also stretchy. The silicone can extend many times its initial dimension without tearing and will certainly rebound to original form without distortion.

Platinum treated silicone is resistant to UV and extreme temperature level. It is resistant to moisture, one of the contributing factors to the failure of masks produced making use of latex. On top of that, treated platinum silicone will certainly stand up to oils from handling, and also solvents.

We also enhance our masks in locations such as the eyes, mouth, nose, and also ears using a solid and also elastic powermesh which helps guarantee that your mask will certainly not get torn or harmed. Pieces used a platinum healed silicone can last upward of 45 years!


The premium quality platinum silicone that we make use of to develop our masks provides us a perfect base to produce one of the most practical masks feasible. Our silicone material has high qualities that make our masks resemble as well as seem like real skin!

Our silicone masks are not such as the poor quality latex masks that you will locate at your neighborhood Halloween shop. Instead, our masks will certainly fit like a 2nd skin, creating to your face, and also providing you the capacity to reveal faces and also mouth motion while wearing it. You can eat, consume alcohol, speak, as well as smoke while wearing one of our masks.


Below at Advancement Masks, we give birth to the most realistic silicone masks possible by utilizing one of the most contemporary, cutting-edge procedure in electronic & functional results.

By utilizing innovative electronic modern technology as well as strategies, we are able to pool together several of the worlds most skilled artists to assist develop our products. Every one of our products are hand crafted with a severe amount of detail as well as enthusiasm.

While other silicone mask business create their masks from clay sculptures, we make use of electronic sculptures to attain the greatest information as well as realistic look possible. As an example, we have the ability to pull skin appearances and various other functions from 3D head scans and also use 3D scans of genuine people to produce several of our masks! This degree of information and realistic look is simply not feasible making use of standard clay sculptures.


Developing our silicone masks starts with producing a very in-depth sculpture utilizing the best electronic software on the market. We generally invest 50 hours, occasionally a lot more, to produce the highest possible comprehensive sculpture feasible.


Once the sculpture is full, the molding process begins. This action commonly takes around 300 hours to finish as well as prepare the mold items for a mask. When completed, the molds are prepared for spreading. Platinum quality silicone is blended with pigments and infused right into the mold and mildew to create the unpainted mask.


Every one of our silicone masks are painted and also outlined making use of techniques originated for the movie industry. Layers of clear shades are contributed to achieve an insane degree of information.


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