Download & Setup Tech Nukti App Gold Zip Lock Screen

Tech Nukti App

Do you know about Technukti Gold Zip Lock Screen App? If no then you will get the whole information about the Tech Nukti App. Just freeze yourself on this site and get details about the Tech Nukti Gold Zip Lock.

Tech Nukti App:

The way the world is progressing every person has a smartphone. Our smartphones have already featured wallpapers and different themes. But we all want changes and that changes must be outclass. Many tools are available that provide different themes. To get more attractive and unique themes it is suggested to download the Technukti app.

Technukti com is a tech website that gives you the latest and advanced excellent material and tools related to application, technology and provides different tips and techniques. Technukti is a program that can turn your lock screen into a beautiful zip lock and upgrade your phone. It is compatible with android phones.

Important Characteristics of Tech Nukti App:

Technukti App has all the characteristics that can force the user to download it. Let’s have a look at the characteristics:

1- You can download this app free of cost. No registration is needed.

2- It is easy to download and a secure website.

3- There is now streaming in it.

4- The connection is unbreakable.

5- It has a high-quality performance.

6- You can get different varieties of themes and wallpapers.

Steps to Install Tech Nukti App:

1- Search the Tech Nukti Gold on your search browser.

2- When it appears on the screen touch the download button.

3- It will start downloading.

4- When it is downloaded, you have to launch the app and then you can enjoy it.

Steps to Set up Gold Zip Lock Screen App in Android:

1- You have to launch the gold lock screen app.

2- It will ask permission to draw it on top of other applications.

3- When you will enable it. It will take you to another screen.

4- When your app will be activated you will go back to your gold zip lock.

5- Now you can choose different varieties of themes for your lock screen.

Steps to customize your lock screen using Tech Nukti Gold:

1- Click on the wallpaper button. Chose any one of it for further process.

2- Then choose the zipper style of your choice.

3- You can also choose rows style.

4- When you have set all the things you can preview your favorite design.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of TechNukti:


1-You can download it very quickly, you don’t have to wait for the review process.

2- When it is downloaded there is a file in your memory card so it is very easy to install and uninstall it without downloading it again and again.


1- It is unfavorable to download this app from third-party resources.

2- APK files have viruses that can lead to different issues such as damaging your phone and stealing your data.

3- They cant be automatically updated.

Final Verdict:

If you are tired of seeing your phone’s appearance then you need to upgrade it. Your phone needs a fresh look. So the Tech Nukti Gold is the best app to give your phone the best and unique look. It is perfect in all aspects covering safety issues. It is easy to operate. So what are you waiting for? Go and download this Tech Nukti App to give your phone a royal appearance. I hope the whole information was helpful for you.


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