Taking care of Lederhosen – How to Store Oktoberfest Outfits?


Lederhosen is one of the biggest local Bavarian festivals celebrated in Munich and throughout the world. At Lederhosen store, we believe that Oktoberfest is more than only a festival – it’s a concept of life, happiness and joy that comes while sharing a pint of beer, laughter, and singling local songs while yelling Prost! 

Oktoberfest 2022

Oktoberfest 2022 is approaching fast and we could be more excited to welcome back the event in full swing. The last two Oktoberfest were celebrated while being on a mellow side – the Oktoberfest 2022 is full of promise.

What else is hip about Oktoberfest? 

The stunning and massive Lederhosen sale 2022!

With dozens of new Lederhosen and Bundhosen styles added to our product line – we are looking forward for a promising year in 2022. With trendy style, color and design elements of the new-year, we have incorporated the new world practicality with the traditional flair to our Lederhosen

We hope that you are planning to go wild this Oktoberfest, because we are ready to offer you outfits that are WILD and burning with the promise and anticipation of Oktoberfest 2022. 

We wish you to have a blast at this years’ celebration – but also you should learn how to take care of your Oktoberfest outfits afterwards.  

Lederhosen Care 

Relax, taking care of your bundhosen and Lederhosen is fairly simple – just stay with us and we will guide you through the process step by step, and explain everything to you in detail. At our online shop, we have formulated and perfected tried techniques that are important for Lederhosen care. 

Cleaning the Garment

It is best to clean out your Lederhosen and Bundhosen garment after each use – start by brushing. Brush the leather surface gently with a damp cloth after use – once a week is required if you use the garment daily. If you keep a routine clean of Lederhosen in place, you won’t have to do a deep clean. 

Remember, the dirt is the enemy of your Leather garment – the acidic dirt can get into your Bundhosen or Lederhosen and can become a cause of stains, abrasions both on the inner or the outer side of the garment. 

Start of the cleaning process by hand brushing or dusting the dirt particles and grime off your garment – then move on to a clean damp cloth. 

Do not under any circumstances use soap or any other chemical cleanser on your authentic Lederhosen outfit. These chemicals can strip off the leather of its natural oils and grease that are needed to preserve the integrity of a leather garment. Additionally, the soaps and chemicals detergents will make dry and crack the leather. It is advised to only use clean tap water – anything else can kick start a cascading disintegration process of your stunning Bavarian piece. 

It is best to air dry your Lederhosen, slowly. Airing out the garment naturally is the key to wring out the moisture from the garment. Do not in any circumstance expose your Lederhosen to sun, fire or a heater. Air out or dry your garment at room temperature.

Tip: Quick drying of a leather garment can make it brittle and it will start cracking immediately. It is best to hang your garment in a big well-ventilated room. 

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Storing Oktoberfest Outfits

  • Keep your leather garments out of the sun. The sun will draw out essential oils and moisture from the leather surface and will cause deterioration. 
  • Try to store your leather garment in a cool and dry space if you do not plan on using them soon. Mold is dangerous to the leather, and the humidity accelerates its growth. Make sure that you store your Lederhosen in a dry storage. 
  • Never put your Lederhosen or any leather garments in a plastic bag or container, hampering airflow is dangerous for leather. 
  • This is important, always keep your leather pieces safe from cuts and abrasions – because if once the piece is damaged there is no going back – the tear will kick start a cascading chain of deterioration for the leather surface and there is no perfect way to stop this. 

However a few stains and cuts will only make your outfit more authentic and give it a well-work look which is an important part of its charm. 

  • Keep your leather garments under your constant care, introduce some moisture/oil to its surface if you see it drying out. Moisturizing a leather garment and material with a quality leather cream or oil is recommended. Keeping your Lederhosen conditioned and not forgetting it is the key towards its longer lifespan. 

Lederhosen Sale 2022

Browse through our festive range of authentic Lederhosen and Bundhosen garments today! Buy a Lederhosen set and add in a free Bavarian shirt to your cart. Pair your Oktoberfest outfit with our authentic Lederhosen shoes made from suede leather – and voila you are good to rock Oktoberfest sale 2022

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