Suzy Perez Bio, Age, Kids, Spouse and Untold Facts

Suzy Perez

People get fame and they live luxurious lives. But sometimes we have some plans that don’t match our life’s plan. It’s all about fate. If you get a very successful career it’s not necessary that your whole life ends up being a star and successful.  Suzy Perez is a living example of this truth. She got a lot of hype in her career but later her life ended in the streets which is really sad to know. In this article, we will talk in detail about how her luxurious life turned into hell and all its downfall. So let’s get into the details.

Who is Suzy Perez?

Suzy Perez was a famous dancer and model in the 19’s. From the beginning, she kept her life private and that’s why we don’t know many details about her early life. She was born in the Dominican Republic and she must be in her 40s. Because we can only estimate the exact date of birth and age is not known.

Suzy’s career:

If we talk about her career then she was a very pretty, attractive, and talented model and a dancer. Her beauty and work were adored by millions of people from all over the world. When she was a kid she had only one dream and that was to become a model. Suzy Perez worked hard and with her beauty and skills, she followed her dreams. To achieve the goal of her life she left her hometown and moved to the US.

Suzy Perez physical appearance:

She was very attractive and her physical appearance was highly praised. She had a pretty height with hot curves. Her perfect figure made her successful in the model industry.  Her weight was almost 50kg.

Success journey:

After so much hard work the time came when her dreams came true. She got famous and was the most-liked model in the United States in a very short period of time. In all magazines in America, Suzy was alluring on the front pages. At that time many people cast her in their song videos. She worked even with JLO.  She was recognized globally but then after joining a fake modeling agency her career started to fall.

Suzy’s downfall:

After massive success when she fell to the ground she wandered on the streets and is now a heroin addict. Negative people and their mentality can fucked up anyone’s life. If you are in contact with such a person it means you can be a victim. The same thing happened witH Suzy Perez as mentioned above she joined a fake agency that brutally raped her and make her addicted to heroin. After that addiction her life became hell and she was dependent on drugs. You can never imagine her condition and you won’t be able to recognize that she is the same model.

Suzy Perez was out of the industry and no one had a clue where she was but back in 2019, she was found on US streets. Gelena Solano saw her and recognized her then she opened up about her dreadful past. Suzy was mentally sick and suffering from various serious disorders. Suzy tried to make things better but failed.


Back in her beautiful days of life, she had a very romantic relationship but his name is not mentioned anywhere. They were together for many years and had a son but as she disappeared that relationship ended. Every detail about her family is behind closed doors. But as she appeared again in the streets of America she met her son and that was a very emotional moment. They both cried while hugging each other. Then she asked people gathered around her to clean her.


In this article, we have talked about the very famous former model Suzy Perez. We have talked about how beautiful she made her career successful but a group of people ruined her life forever. It is advised to choose a  healthy group of friends and avoid toxic people around you because in today’s world it is hard to trust people.

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