Successful Strategies for Company Formation

Company Formation

After years of working as an employee, you’ve mustered enough energy to quit or create a side hustle as an entrepreneur. Let me first wish you a hearty congratulations for making such a wise decision; your decision will come with challenges, but it’s nothing compared to the advantages and profit you will earn in the long run.

One of the factors you have to consider before venturing into your entrepreneurship is your company formation. This is a deal-breaker for many, considering the stress, but its importance to your business is vital.

Successful Strategies For Company Formation

Knowing the A-Z of registering a company is no easy feat as it requires a lot of paperwork; any mistake could spell doom for such a business. Similarly, it involves tax preparation and research to get the right information.

Thankfully, the mode of registration is now online compared to the primitive methods, which come with a lot of stress. Now in this technology era, how do you go about your company formation without receiving a visit from any government officials later in the future?

Determine If You Need To Register Your Business

Even though business registration is considered important, it is not compulsory. You may not need to register, and that depends on a lot of factors; if you want to run a business that will have a lot of competition in the market, you will need business registration to stay out of their legal den since you will mostly use the same content for advertisement.

Legal protection is one major reason why you need to consider business registration. If you get sued as an unregistered business owner, your personal assets will be under threat if the jury rules against you, but if you get sued as a registered business, then only the business will bear the grunt.

Also, the tax deduction is another reason to consider when still in doubt about whether to register your business or not. For registered businesses in Hong Kong, they pay from zero to 16% percent as tax, while in Singapore, registered businesses pay around 20 percent only.

Register With Either Federal, State, or Local Agencies

After concluding whether to register or not, if you feel your business needs it, then start considering whether to register with either federal, state, or local agencies. This is because it is not compulsory to register with the federal government except by applying for a federal tax identification number; you will mostly work with state and local agencies.

Also, you will need the federal government if you want to trademark any of your products with the patent office and when you want to apply for tax-exempt status for your non-profit corporation like NGOs.

Choose A Legal Company Name

If you think this is an easy stage, then I would implore you to have an inventory of paracetamol that will help you scale through this stage. Who would have thought choosing a name could be stressful? Choosing a legal name for your company requires you to research names no one has chosen and slogans any brand hasn’t trademarked.

Obtain Federal Tax ID

As discussed earlier, one of the reasons why you need to register with federal agencies is due to a tax certificate which is important for the proper collection of taxes. It also helps you plan pensions for your employees.

Collaborate With a Registered Agent

Business corporation involves a lot of complicated paperwork that only those trained in that field can successfully pull through without glitches. Registered agents like Hong Kong company formation services will help your businesses handle legal documents, receive official papers, and bank registration.

Submit The Paperwork and Fees

After the paperwork, you can proceed to submit it for approval, but it comes at a price that varies with countries. In Hong Kong, the fee is cheap, while the document you will submit with it should consist of your business name, ownership structure, business location, number of shares and values, and registered agent information, amongst others. 

The documents you submitted vary with the type of business you will be running. 


After careful consideration and a series of thoughts, you have finally decided to give entrepreneurship a trial. Well! Welcome to the club, but keep in mind that entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted; it comes with lots of challenges, and most times, you will feel like quitting but remember, quitters never win.

One of the factors to consider before starting your business is company formation which is literally business registration. It is one of the most strenuous stages, but with the strategies explained above, you should have it easy. 

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