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As a division of Spade Research, which was established in 2011, Spade Survey helps both big and small businesses make wise decisions through market research. We have expertise in gathering data for both primary and secondary research. Our commitment and expertise in the US, European, Asian, and MENA regions enable us to provide comprehensive solutions for both qualitative and quantitative data gathering needs. We have a stellar reputation and are well-known for our excellence and knowledge throughout the world. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified business and a proud member of the Insight Association and ESOMAR, the company places the utmost priority on quality concerns. For our 120+ clients, we offer project management, data collection services, and end-to-end services.

Our services

1. Global Data Collection

Spade Survey offers services for collecting data online, we gather data from diverse sources, convert or process it in accordance with requirements, and then deliver outputs that you require. Additionally, we offer CAPI/CAWI technique based on client requirements. The method by which information is gathered and measured is known as data collection. As a result, at Spade Survey, we use the data collection process to evaluate, compare, distribute, and determine the relationship between the data. We work on text mining and web scraping data collection services. Retaining a quality control programme is the most crucial component of any data collection effort. We only give our clients work of the highest calibre. We efficiently and properly gather the appropriate data. We deliver reliable data,

evaluating it, distributing it, and establishing their connection. We work on text mining and web scraping data collection services. Retaining a quality control programme is the most crucial component of any data collection effort. We only give our clients work of the highest calibre. We efficiently and properly gather the appropriate data. By selecting/screening responders, we deliver high-quality data. We have the capacity to carry out research under pressure employing sizable consumer and B2B panels. Our staff of qualified specialists is well-versed in web research and data collection techniques. 

2. Online Data Collection Services

The market research and data collection firm Spade Survey employs a group of knowledgeable and qualified individuals with experience in data collection. Our team of specialists offers our clients specialised advice on the choice of methodology, sampling, project implementation, etc. For our clients who are not interested in receiving a comprehensive market research study, we can endeavour to provide data collection reports. In a short amount of time, the teams of specialists at Spade Survey collect both qualitative and quantitative data from many sources and produce a comprehensive report for their clients’ data gathering. We provide data collection services to a lot of clients. Our knowledgeable and experienced market researchers are supported by data. Analysts are highly skilled and experienced in conducting market research and providing specific information that can benefit your company. For giving our clients a faultless market research report, our knowledgeable executives do both qualitative and quantitative research on real-time data produced from traditional and new-age resources. For many years, our market research reports have aided in decision-making for our clients.

3. Healthcare Data Collection Services

These days, a lot of businesses are developing various healthcare products or services, so data collection services in the industry are crucial. As a result, they must be aware of the importance and requirements of the product or service they intend to introduce. The market research organisations must search data from health surveys for this form of data collection. Two methods are used in the data collection process for this type. One is qualitative, which is expressed via words, and the other is quantitative, which is expressed through numbers.

  • The best market research firm, Spade Survey, ensures that our clients receive first-rate service while offering end-to-end services in primary data collection.
  • Based on information from various customers and organisations, the data collection procedure is carried out online.
  • The process of gathering data through field surveys is the main data collection method.
  • This is regarded as the genuine information that market researchers have obtained.
  • The service that helps organisations harvest information from the base or grassroots level is the main data gathering.
  • There are numerous methods for gathering data for various businesses.

We carry out all forms of fieldwork, from simple recruitment to full study administration. For IDI, Triads, Diads, or seminars in a central location or office, we recruit a variety of B2B professionals or consumers. You can choose the location, or we can make arrangements for you using our network of recommended locations. Our skilled internal interviewers will perform tele-depth interviews, and as soon as the interviews are over, we can e-mail you the digital recordings. Interviews with target responders of all kinds will be conducted at home or in the office by our team of international moderators.

  • Accurate screening of respondents
  • skilled moderators
  • Rewards-based management
  • Triads, diads, groups, or workshops
  • A studio that can accommodate your needs for catering, technology, and location

Global Survey Sampling in Market Research

The research projects that are available today are huge and include a lot of different things. It is impossible to research every product or consumer. Therefore, in order to ascertain the specifics needed for the project, Spade Survey looks at a sample of the objects or people. As opposed to working on a larger group of people or things, we provide this sampling method at a lower cost and in less time. For many years, we have been developing online market research surveys and doing global sampling. To learn more about a specific designated group, sampling refers to gathering the opinions of various individuals within that group. This approach of market research is necessary because the conventional method of performing market research requires a lot of time and money. We respect the importance of our clients’ time and money, and in the cutthroat business environment of today, we strive to deliver the greatest outcomes in the shortest amount of time.


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