Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons: Riddle Full Explained

Someone's Mother Has Four Sons

Riddles are always fun to solve. They’re perfect to give your brain an extra boost of ideas. Riddles have been around for a long time, and now, they have become famous. One of them is:

“Someone’s mother has four sons: First, Second, and Third. What is the name of the 4th son?”

The right answer to this puzzle is someone. The riddle states that the mother of a person has four sons. If the sons have names like One Three, Two, and One The remaining son is likely to be someone else. This puzzle tests whether you think outside the box, extend your thinking beyond logic and understand the questions well.

Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons Riddle

A popular riddle for children is: Someone’s mother has four sons: First, Second and third. What is the name of the 4th son?”

You might have heard of this mystery. It comes in many variations that mostly involve names that change. The names for The three brothers are One Two and Three. In some instances, you might see the riddle written using the sons’ names as One Two, and Three.

Sometimes the same riddle may be stated as “Someone’s mother is a single mom with four children: June, April, and May. The fourth one is named after the mother.” In all instances the answer is identical.

Do you want to know the name of a child from a family that is not known? The answer is in the question itself. Be sure to read the question carefully and attempt to solve the question. We suggest that you attempt to solve the puzzle before you scroll to the bottom to see the answer.


If you’re unable to determine your answer, don’t fret. Riddles are intended to be challenging and there’s nothing wrong in admitting that you’ve failed when solving puzzles!

Answer: Someone.

The Riddle

This simple and easy-to-understand puzzle actually tests whether your brain can understand the information in a way that is sufficient. Human brains tend to think in terms of logic and not be able to read sentences clearly.

Riddles are previously discovered in newspapers, books, as well as magazines, and even were recited by our grandparents. They were a part of brain games before the first civilizations began to develop.

Today, riddles can be found on the internet as well. There are a variety of apps that contain hundreds of riddles to be solved. They’re fun to solve and read. Additionally, people suffering from mental disorders can benefit from these puzzles to help them with their therapy. This is because solving riddles can have the same effect on the brain as puzzle-solving.

In addition to apps, riddles are also discovered through social networking sites. WhatsApp along with Facebook are fantastic sources for riddles like these. There are many new riddles created frequently and are enjoyable to work out. However, the majority of riddles are well-known as they have been around for years. Riddles are either short and often poetic or puzzling and usually have the answer in the question itself. The process of solving a riddle is nothing other than figuring out the answer to the query.


The puzzle reads, “Someone’s mother has four sons: First, Second and third. What is the name of the 4th son?”  We have to read the text thoroughly and know the story to it.

The human brain is attempting to be logical each time. Therefore, when we look at a line, the first thought that comes into our minds is West. Why? because The number Four comes closest that could be compared to First, Second, and Third. This is, however, an unsolved question, so the answer is clearly not straightforward.

When we examine the text, we will find that it’s written “Someone’s mother.” While “someone” could be an adjective, it could also be the name. Keep in mind that a riddle is not real. Stop thinking about whether “Someone” could be an actual name or it isn’t.

Additionally, the word contains the beginning letter in blocks, so it could be an actual name in this case. In the event that Someone is a person If we go back and read the sentence and look at the picture, what do we find? Someone’s mother has four sons.

Three names have already been given to you. One son is left. Today, the mother has four children. three names are already listed. So, she is the mother of Someone. Also, evidently, the name of her fourth child is Someone.

Other Variations of This Riddle

The riddle is solvable mostly by making the boys’ names different. But, the names must be in a way that the reader is confused and then is compelled to consider a different thought. For instance, using day or month names is a good idea.

You can also use numbers. There is a range of possible solutions to this puzzle. Additionally, you can solve the problem by giving them the solution. This could be helpful in the case of telling your child how to solve the problem:

“Crystal’s dad has 4 daughters: Katie, Charlie, and Angie. Which is the last name for the daughter?”

Three daughters’ names need to be similar, but distinct from the fourth. It is the way a puzzle is constructed. Check if your child is able to answer this question. The answer is obviously Crystal.

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Alternate Version of This Riddle

“Someone’s mom has 4 sons. First, Second and third. What is the name of the 4th son?”

Are you wondering what’s different about the puzzle? Make sure to check again. The question mark in the initial riddle is turned into a complete stop. This change is enough to alter the answer.

According to this new puzzle, the last phrase isn’t a query. It’s an assertion. The question is not intended to challenge the reader. It simply asks what is the name of the fourth son. To answer this question you could state”Personally, the name of four boys is One Two Three and the fourth son is. Funny.


Riddles are always enjoyable to solve, and they can assist people to pass their time efficiently. Solving riddles is a great exercise to your mind, no matter how funny it is to think of what the solutions are. There are a lot of riddles to solve today and some are truly fun to solve.

For instance, ”Someone’s mother has four sons” has become a popular one in the present and is best sung instead of written. It will let you know if the person listening is attentive to the details, recalls them, and thinks about the subject before deciding. Riddles are designed to be posed in a way that is not correct to allow you moments of laughter and also fun!

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