Selling Unwanted Gift Cards Online in Nigeria


Have you ever been given a gift card that you don’t know what to do with? Maybe you get an iTunes card, and you don’t use Apple products; perhaps you don’t have the particular chain of a restaurant near your place, or maybe the amount on the card is not enough for what you want to purchase, and you do not want to spend extra from your pocket. Unless you re-gift it, the chances that you will forget about the card after a few days are high. According to Anduro Marketing, if you don’t redeem your cards within six months, chances are you will never use them. So what do you do with the card that you do not need? One of the many options is to sell it. You may not get the total value, but it is better than a 100% loss.

The growth of the e-commerce sector is increasing the demand for gift cards in the country. Increasing smartphone usage and consumers leaning toward online shopping has increased the popularity of gift cards among Nigerians. Consumers are accepting these alternative payment methods instead of cash. The presence of international mobile payment brands such as Visa and MasterCard makes it more convenient for people to use these gift cards. Despite the shock of the pandemic, the Nigerian gift card industry is expected to grow significantly in the next few years. Therefore instead of letting the gift cards go to waste, it is better to sell them in Nigeria.

How to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria?

Once you decide to sell your gift card, you need to figure out how to make the most money from it with ease. The easiest way to convert a gift card into cash is to sell it on a gift card trading site. It is unlikely that you will receive the whole amount of your card since the exchange amount is determined by the popularity of the gift card and the amount of inventory in stock. You can always find buyers for unwanted gift cards on social media, but using the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria is recommended to save yourself from getting scammed. These platforms offer a secure and safe way for you to trade your gift cards for cash.

Gift card trading platforms in Nigeria have simplified the process to such an extent that anyone can do it and get the amount instantly. These apps accept both physical and digital cards from online merchants and offer you the best rates in the country. Make sure to find a duly registered gift card trading company in Nigeria to get trusted and modern digital remittance and brokerage services. Once you exchange your gift card for cash, you can use it to shop at your preferred location and buy things that you need.

Ease of Process

You just have to sign up on their app or website, select the card you wish to exchange and depending on their criteria, the amount will be credited to your bank account within minutes. They accept all kinds of gift cards from Amazon, Target, Google Play, American Express and others. Another massive advantage of these apps is that they allow the conversion of larger denomination gift cards to local currency (for instance, Dollars to Naira).

Some apps also allow customers to contact them via WhatsApp, where an agent replies to you within a minute. Once you tell them the kind of card you have, the agent will inform you about the exchange rate. If you are using their website, they usually have a gift card rate calculator on their homepage for you to check it yourself. Once the rate is agreed upon, you upload your gift card for them to verify. Once the card is verified successfully, the amount is instantly credited to your bank. The easy process is also why many Nigerians prefer exchanging their gift cards for cash instead of spending it.

Is It Legal to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria?

The selling of gift cards is similar to converting the card to an agreed upon amount of cash that can be used to purchase things outside the card vendor’s limitations. This is not illegal since the buyer will still use the gift card. However, if the buyer tries to reproduce or counterfeit the gift card without the authorisation of the gifting companies, it will be considered illegal. Due to lack of clarity, there are several rippers online who can scam you by taking your card details and not paying you the money. This is why several people have trust issues when it comes to exchanging their gift cards. But if you carefully choose a good trading site online, the chances of you getting defrauded are less.

There are several agencies and people who may need the gift card you don’t. It is always better to make some money from gift cards than buying things you don’t need or letting the amount in the card go to waste.



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