Seattle Bakeries That Will Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Coyle’s Bakeshop

Coyle’s went from a ridiculously famous spring up bread shop to neighborhood #1 in brief time frame. The bakeshop associates a strong groundwork in French strategy with fixings that are in season in the Pacific Northwest; search for executioner cakes, scones, tarts, and croissants, close by areas of strength for an of teas arranged wonderfully.

New Flours

Keiji Koh and Etsuku Minematsu are the couple team behind this Phinney Ridge number one, which presently ranges four bread kitchens across the city. An adoration for baking and interest in coordinating Japanese flavors and methods denotes the impacts here, with determinations like the yuzu macarons and the azuki bean smaller than usual bars as champions.

Bistro Besalu

This Ballard bistro’s plain croissant is the benchmark by which all others are estimated. It is precisely all around as rich and flakey as it should be, and frequently defines long boundaries. Accessible for takeout with web based preordering for the people who need to keep away from the stand by

Closeup of rolls from Le Panier

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Green. Tea. Tiramisu. Indeed, that brilliant concoction exists at Tangletown’s Japanese bread shop, which fills in as an exquisite spot for takeout treats after a Green Lake circle. Furthermore, there’s bounty more where that came from, including a liberal chocolate cake and an intermittent blueberry scones.

Where to Eat in Fishtown

a delicate shell crab roll, zesty crab tempura roll, salmon avocado roll, fiery crunchy salmon roll, winged serpent roll, coalition party roll, and a negi hamachi roll.

Holy person Bread

Stained glass-lit Saint Bread is a Portage Bay place of worship to carbs. While the bread shop offers a choice of toasts and other flavorful things, the croissants, turns, bunches, and buns with really sparkle, and there’s a magnificent steamed egg sandwich on melonpan that is ordinarily popular.

Byen Bakeri

Seattle is home to a little pocket of Scandinavian shops presenting treats from potato dumplings to lingonberries. Byen Bakeri is a vital piece of this scene; a brilliant Norwegian pastry kitchen gaining practical experience in solace food from the country. It’s a go-to put for semlor, veslkringle, and croquembouche, as delightfully intricate as they sound.

Fuji Bakery

A number one for its combination of French, American, and Japanese flavors and methods, Fuji has a shop in the Chinatown-International District as well as this leader bread kitchen in Interbay. The yeast-raised crunchy cream donut is presumably the most well known thing, for good explanation, yet one ought to test however many flavorful and sweet choices as would be prudent to see the value in the broadness of styles.

Hi Robin

Hi Robin would be outstanding regardless of whether it just served treats, the sodden and chewy kind you imagined probably as a youngster. However, this Capitol Hill shop — with another station at U Village — chose to wander considerably more toward flawlessness and use its particular treats for frozen yogurt sandwiches with Molly Moon’s in the center.


This totally without gluten safe-haven keeps other similar bistros all over Seattle on their toes, and might actually change over one’s steadfastly favorable to gluten buddies with its magnificent cupcakes, biscuits, and cinnamon rolls. Truth be told, Nuflours is perfect for all dietary limitations, and is accessible for takeout with online preorders.

Macrina Bakery

Macrina can be tracked down in various bistros, a modest bunch of eateries, and most supermarkets in and out of town — and nobody is griping about oversaturation. This key part in the Seattle pastry kitchen scene provides eaters with the choice of hard bread any evening of the week and other superb treats, including quiche and occasional galette.

Dahlia Bakery

After an extended break during the pandemic, Tom Douglas’ well known Belltown pastry shop is back in real life and presently offering space to the gourmet specialist’s pizza joint Serious Pie. There’s a choice of the focaccia-like Fossettes, as well as mochi doughnuts that have gotten basic recognition, yet the genuine star is possible the triple coconut cream pie, still a Seattle exemplary.

Le Panier

There are a lot of incredible spots at Pike Place Market to get a tidbit or treat. What’s more, Le Panier is the very sort of Seattle exemplary that makes a visit worth the effort, seldom disheartening for its wide choice of French-impacted cakes.

Clump Baking Company

One of Capitol Hill’s fresher pastry shops has practical experience in scratching the youth wistfulness tingle, with hand crafted Oreos, brownies, Nutter Butters, and Snickerdoodles. Internet requesting is accessible for takeout and cross country conveyance.


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