Rich snippets – what are they and how to implement them

Rich snippets

Since the introduction of rich snippets, which are used using structured data, webmasters have been able to give Google explicit information about the importance of their own website. By implementing the structured data in the <head> the area of the HTML source code, it is possible to define which content Google should play out as rich snippets in the SERPs. On closer inspection, the advantages for the webmaster are much more diverse than a pure improvement of the rankings. In this post you will learn everything important about the topic – Let’s go!

Table of contents

  • Rich snippets with structured data
  • What is structured data?
  • Rich-Snippet Application Examples:
  • Event Industry
  • Travel
  • Software Apps
  • Local Companies
  • Result

What is structured data?

Put simply, structured data is content or information that receives special identification for the search engine. A standardized format is used, which allows the webmaster to specify the information to be conveyed regarding his own website and to classify the content. As the name “structured data” suggests, these give a website a profound structure. For example, people can be marked as “person”, addresses as “address” and recipes as “recipe”.

The logic at this point follows a simple principle: The more Google knows about a website, the easier it can be evaluated and the ranking position can improve. Furthermore, Google rewards the use of structured data with the so-called rich snippets in the SERPs. Additional visual information gives the respective search result more space, which significantly increases the click-through rate (CTR) of the searchers.

Rich-Snippet Application Examples

Rich snippets as a result of implemented structured data are the result of good international search engine optimization. They can be designed in different forms as complementary information to the title, description and the URL. This can lead to higher click numbers as well as more visitors and thus result in an improved ranking. However, whether the data is actually displayed depends strongly on the respective search query and is ultimately determined by the search engine. The displayed snippets also differ in terms of their content and presentation depending on the respective industry. Particular importance is attributed to rich snippets in the event and travel industry as well as among providers of software apps.

Event Industry

If you offer regular events such as concerts, football matches or training courses on your own website, the “event scheme” is ideal. Google displays the date, the event itself and, in some cases, the venue. In addition, Google allows the searcher to access the specific event directly in this special display with a click and forwards him to the appropriate subpage.

The implementation in the respective HTML code is to be classified as low in relation to the resulting benefit and looks like this for this concrete example:

A detailed explanation regarding the correct implementation of this particular scheme can be found in the Google Guidelines.


Hotels and holiday resorts in particular are under high competitive pressure both in holiday regions and in metropolises. Not only the organic search results play a role here, Google ads are also a frequently used tool in this industry. The choice is huge for seekers, which is why it is all the more important at this point to present yourself in a special way and to stand out from the crowd. Websites that are provided with structured data are displayed as follows:

  • Desktop View:
  • Mobile View:

Especially in the mobile view, it becomes clear how powerful rich snippets can be for the presentation of the website or the products offered. The presentation of the product with photo and rating act as a trigger for the searchers, which increases the CTR as well as the conversion rate.

Software Apps

Especially the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has been steadily increasing for many years. Following this development, there are rich snippets that are played exclusively in Google search with mobile devices. If you explicitly search for a company or an app, it can be selected directly via the SERPs and downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Iphone App Store.

This makes it easy for the webmaster to promote their own app and thus increase the number of downloads.


As described, the use of structured data brings with it a variety of individual advantages, which depend on the respective corporate environment. However, some points are similar in all industries: Rich snippets increase the attention of searchers, lead to a higher click-through and conversion rate and increase the rankings in Google search results. For capacity reasons, it is often not possible for companies to integrate structured data on their own website. SaphirSolution stands for special expertise in all areas of online marketing. If you are interested in the use of structured data, please inform yourself about our services or simply contact


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